• 5-way-to-corner-yourself-into-success

5 Ways to Corner Yourself into Success!

Want success as an entrepreneur? It’s not as tough as you think… In fact, it takes a formula if you want to know the truth. Plus, you have to promise not to do things that will sabotage you along the way.

  • time-to-upgrade

Whom Do You Serve 2.0

Whom Do You Serve 2.0 It’s time for an upgrade. No, not your computer software… though doesn’t it seem like your computer is always asking? I’m talking about understanding very clearly whom you serve as a real estate entrepreneur. Yes, it’s a question I have asked a lot on this blog, and it’s worth [...]

  • new-year

Must-Read Content Round-Up for the New Year

You may have noticed… It’s a New Year and it’s full of promise. For you that means moving forward toward your goals in real estate investing and entrepreneurship.

  • new-year-new-you

New Year, New You!

Feel that? Yep, that’s the sound of another year drawing to a close. Good news is that another is just ahead. But here’s my question: WHAT WILL YOU DO DIFFERENTLY IN 2017 TO GET TO YOUR GOALS?

  • stay-busy

Tis the Season to Stay Busy… IF You’re a True Real Estate Entrepreneur!

Sometimes life is crazy, right? And sometimes it just moves fast. Or maybe that’s just the way things work for me. So, what’s been happening here at CFD?

  • 7-must-read-articles

7 Must-Read Articles That Will Help You GROW Your Business!

Yep, they’re my articles… If you haven’t read them already you need to, because reaching the success you crave means you will have to shift your mindset to allow all the fantastic opportunities into your life.