• Multifamily investing with Mark Walker

CFD 372 – Multifamily Investing with Mark Walker

Mark is founder of Luxmana Investments, which focuses on residential and multifamily investments. Mark was able to go from being a part-time investor with a full-time job in high tech, to someone who quit the corporate rat race in pursuit of his passion and now thrives as a multifamily investor.

  • wholesaling, Raising Private Capital, fix ‘n’ flips, buy-and-holds, notes, negotiating deals, calculating terms and payments

CFD 371 [REPLAY 092] – Special Excerpt of Recorded LIVE Q & A with J!

Have a pen, paper and maybe even a calculator ready, because you’re going to want to take notes and maybe run numbers along with me.

  • You can have financial health & happiness

CFD 370 – You can have financial health & happiness! – Morgan Garon

Many people think they need to make more money, but sometimes they just need to be more purposeful with what they already have.

  • Begin Investing Now

CFD 369 [REPLAY 053] – Jump into the Buy-and-Hold Pool to Swim in Passive Income! – J. Massey

Tired of working your J-O-B to earn M-O-N-E-Y only to tread water when you'd rather be relaxing by a real pool, earning money at the same time? Stop dreaming. Begin living the dream. Take the first step today. Begin Investing Now!

  • How to Guarantee Your Success - J. Massey

CFD 368 [REPLAY 017] – How to Guarantee Your Success – J. Massey

Success is a game that we often play without understanding the rules or even how or why it happens.

  • Digital Marketer

CFD 367 – Digital Marketer – Molly Pittman

Digital Marketer takes the guesswork and secrets out of digital marketing to help make rapid business growth available to EVERYONE.