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CFD 321 – John Bowen

Click here to Listen, Subscribe, and Review CASHFLOW DIARY on iTunes!Click here to Listen, Subscribe, and Review CASHFLOW DIARY on Stitcher! CFD 321 - John Bowen John Bowen is co-founder of, a rapidly growing community of entrepreneurs dedicated to accelerating their success while making a difference in the world. Three days a [...]

  • Airbnb allows you to rent just about any space imaginable

CFD 320 – Sue Hoyuela Turned A Shed Into A Tiny House And Created Themed Rooms In My Home To Rent In Los Angeles

In 2011 Sue Hoyuela added some windows and a loft to a 10’x12′ “shed” in the backyard of our house and the Cozy Cabin was born. Now it’s fixed up with a multitude of outlets, strong wireless internet, air conditioning, heating, a dining area, business center and room for 5 to sleep comfortably.

  • Mat Sorensen is a lawyer, best-selling author, and a national speaker and expert on self-directed retirement accounts.

CFD 319 – Mat Sorensen Reveals a “Hidden” Private Capital Source You Need to Know About NOW.

Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Attorney Mat Sorensen is the guy that I was fortunate to meet and work with a few years ago. He is also the person who first introduced me to the idea of using SDIRAs, which happens to be the “most investable section of cash” available to you as a real estate entrepreneur in the world. Mat would know; he’s an author who wrote the book on SDIRA rules. He’s also a speaker, trainer, radio show host and all-around great guy!

  • where to retire and invest in real estate

CFD 318 – Kathleen Peddicord Tells Us to Write Our Own Story of Success No Matter Where We Live

You wonder how the heck can you stop working your day job? This is a great episode of the Cash Flow Diary podcast to listen to, because guest Kathleen Peddicord could be considered the foremost authority on ways to get to that goal!

  • Jonathan-Rivera

CFD 317 – Jonathan Rivera: The Podcast Factory

Today Jonathan runs a successful rental business in only 4 hours per week. He now runs a podcast network (The Podcast Factory) where he is surrounded by some of the world’s most respected direct response marketers. Jonathan wants to share his knowledge to help more people quit their jobs and become free like him.

  • Path to Wealth

CFD 316 – May McCarthy Guides You Along The Path to Wealth to Financial Abundance!

In the book, The Path to Wealth; Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance, May will show you how to make the All-Knowing Power of the universe your new business partner. In doing so, you will receive help from your new partner to achieve greater financial abundance and freedom.