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  • Mobile gaming based on real live global data

CFD 293 – Zbigniew Woznowski Doesn’t Play Games When It Comes To Business!!

Today’s Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Zbigniew Woznowski knows a lot about playing games, but he’s all business when it comes to, well, building his business. Make that plural… businesses.

  • Joan Sotkin

CFD 292 – Joan Sotkin Says Money is NOT the Problem; It’s Our Relationship with Money that Messes Us Up

You may remember Joan Sotkin from episode 125, where you heard how she helps people change their lives through changing their perspectives on your finances. She is an excellent prosperity coach, author, speaker and educator. Today Joan shares about how she is developing programs so she can help even more people.

  • Why Haven’t I Made It YET?

CFD 291 – [REPLAY 199] Why Haven’t I Made It YET?

I hear the question frequently. People I meet who’ve been studying real estate investing for a few months or maybe even a couple of years will come to me and ask, “Why haven’t I made it yet? I’m trying to do deals and I can’t get them done. When will it happen for me?” If this is a burning question on your mind, today’s podcast episode is for you!

  • How to Overcome Objections from Buyers, Sellers and Investors

CFD 290 – [REPLAY 230] How to Overcome Objections from Buyers, Sellers and Investors

One of the top questions I get from people who are new into the raising private capital space is how to overcome objections.

  • phil ebiner

CFD 289 – Phil Ebiner Learned Lessons Early and Earns More Income in One Month than Most Do in a Year!

Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Phil Ebiner went through an excellent but costly private university and even though he had partial scholarships he graduated with tons of debt.

  • Get Deals Done

CFD 288 – [REPLAY 233 ] You Woke Up… Now What? Get Deals Done!

You cannot confuse activity with accomplishment. That’s something I talk about in this me-to-you episode of the Cash Flow Diary podcast. What you should consider is “pay time.” As an entrepreneur, it is a concept that you must embrace. Pay time for a real estate investor is different from that of an hourly worker or even a freelance contractor. You are no longer going to be paid for the amount of time you are at a job, sitting at a desk at someone else’s business… if you are used to having a 9-to-5 J.O.B.