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CFD 158 – Robbie Kellman Baxter Tells Us Why We All Have a Unique Global Membership Opportunity

Cash Flow Diary podcast episode and founder of Peninsula Strategies, Robbie Kellman Baxter has worked with top companies, including Survey Monkey, Shopify, Yahoo and Netflix. However, she says she still loves to work with small companies, too! What’s great about this fact is that you as a small business owner can learn from her and then apply some of the same tactics to your business that the big dogs use. One of Robbie’s extra-special talents is in helping companies grow their community and membership bases. Before Robbie was a top membership-mogul maker, this self-proclaimed rule-follower who went to the right schools and took the right jobs realized when she was laid off during maternity leave that she wasn’t in charge of her own destiny. So she became an independent consultant at a time when it wasn’t common. Her second eye-opener was when she realized she wasn’t just a fantastic consulting generalist, but rather she discovered her super power of really honing in on a company’s specific challenges, particularly in what they need to do to create predictable revenue. She now uses her super-cool strategic consulting powers to help all sorts of companies succeed by strategically leveraging their capabilities to move into what Robbie calls “the membership economy.” She says that for today’s business owners, they have to understand that engagement with customers and clients is an absolute necessity if they expect to grow the company’s cashflow predictably. It boils down to your customers’ access to ownership. For example, instead of owning thousands of DVD movies you subscribe to the Netflix monthly membership to gain access to the movies you want to watch that are available to you 24/7 around the clock! In the real estate world that comes in the form of vacation properties you rent for a week or two, hotel rooms, time shares and the like. Robbie shares her deep expertise in how we can participate in and benefit big time from the subscription-based membership economy! She offers a tremendous amount of information you can use immediately. Get ready to jot down some new terminologies you need to know to give your business a boost, no matter what type of business you have. Learn more.