CFD 040 – Doubt Kills, But Failure Events Won’t!

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. This is an excellent quote as we move into the new year, because we need to take action without doubt. In this podcast you’ll learn how to move beyond your doubt so you can take action. It also covers the difference between believing something and knowing it and how experience plays into the answer. And where does experience come from anyway? That requires action. And guess what else? Failure!

CFD 039 – Create the vision by creating the pictures in your head!

What do you want? Why are we only comfortable in asking for what we want during the holiday gift-giving season? Why can’t we be more like children with a gift wish list and jot down those things we really want? When we express clearly what we want, we have a much higher likelihood of actually receiving that which we are asking for. However, it’s not just making the list that makes things happen. It’s having those desires clearly defined and then taking action. Here’s what I do. I create a Vision Book (not a vision board).

CFD 038 – Finish Strong and Start Stronger – Plan for a better 2014 by making money NOW!

We hear it a lot right now… No one’s doing much in business till January. Why? We still have plenty of month left! Let’s make the most of it. Whether you are a real estate investor or business owner, you can’t slow down. You know what I always say: “It’s NOW O’clock!” That goes for December, too. We aren’t slowing down here at Cash Flow Diary. Not by a long shot. We have a special series of Coaching Calls on Raising Private Capital!

CFD 037 – Protecting Your Assets – An Essential Skill for Real Estate Investors.

In this end-of-year podcast I continue my discussion with tax and legal expert Mark Kohler as he explains even more about protecting your assets. A top professional who has helped business owners and entrepreneurs for many, many years, Mark knows how to protect assets. In this podcast, he taps into his vast knowledge to share with listeners things they don’t need to do just at the end of the year and not just at tax time, but rather every day.

CFD 035 – The Science of Success with John Assaraf

In this special podcast as we continue on in our November Zig Ziglar Tribute Series, you’ll hear entrepreneur, speaker, bestselling author and brain researcher John Assaraf share his secret formula for success. You’ll want to learn about what he calls the GOYA Law and how it truly is in our power to achieve the success we crave!