CFD 034 – Greg Reid shares secrets of personal growth from Zig Ziglar

Listen in while I interview a very special guest and man who embraces the power of positive thinking, Greg S. Reid. This bestselling author has written more than 40 books, is an acclaimed filmmaker and a very dynamic speaker who wows audiences everywhere he goes. What a great way to pay tribute to Zig Ziglar, one of the greatest thought leaders who ever lived, as we continue our special tribute series through this month.

CFD 033 – Ryan Rippy shares how retirement and retirement plans can be used

In this podcast, my very special guest, Ryan Rippy, talks about the “magic” that can be done with retirement accounts. Ryan should know. He’s the Business Development Manager at The Entrust Group in Mission Viejo, California. He’s helped a lot of clients in managing their retirement savings. Listen as he enlightens us to how you can take control of your IRAs and 401K plans so you can retire under your own rules and not be stuck in a job into what should be your golden years. Do you know what age you’ll be when you can retire?

CFD 032 – Tom Ziglar, Son of Zig Ziglar, shares core foundation for success in real estate investing, business, life, and personal development

In this first podcast of our special November tribute to thought leader Zig Ziglar, J. interviews Zig’s proud son and CEO of Ziglar, Inc, Tom Ziglar! You will learn what bikes and trust have in common, and what the scalability of trust in business means. Though born into the Ziglar name and business, Tom had a few hurdles in his mind to wrestle to the ground before he could open himself fully to success.