CFD 013 – Live & Unplugged – Part 3

J. Massey shifts the mindsets of a live Chicago audience from novice thinkers to motivated investors equipped with an elevated approach to solving problems. Listen now to learn why understanding your resources & mindset helps to create 4-figure opportunities for some and 8-figure opportunities for others.

CFD 012 – Live & Unplugged – Part 2

J. Massey teaches a live Chicago audience how chaos creates cash flow. New investors learn how to become problem solvers by embracing negative indicators while assessing properties to purchase. Listen now to learn why mold, flood damage, water damage and asbestos are charming allies for investors.

CFD 011 – Live & Unplugged – Chicago

When you love what you do, work is fun! You’re eager to devote your time to develop into an expert and you love teaching others how to achieve their goals. Listen to teaching audio, as J. Massey engages a live audience in Chicago, IL May 17 – 18, 2013. Learn tips on how to pinpoint your investor identity and more. How are you having fun and helping others with your investor career?

CFD 010 – Your Questions, My Answers #1

The momentum is building for Cash Flow Diary podcasts. I’ve received a number of canny questions from listeners and will answer a select few during this podcast. Tune in, as I reveal the title of a very resourceful book that can help you estimate repair costs on single family homes, discuss wholesaling owner financed properties, the importance of educational components while learning real estate/business investing and much more.