CFD 008 – The Top 3 Questions Your Prospect Needs Answered

Take a “DIIP” into the news to gain the skills required to read news articles and then act to create opportunity. Prospects seek value and you should know why your prospects “Will” or “Will Not” buy. Knowing the answers to three very important questions will help to ensure your inventory maintains utility value. Listen now to learn the common denominator to live, work, play or lay.

CFD 007 – How to Choose Where to Get Started

The desire to become a real estate or business entrepreneur begins with a desire from within. Identifying, a mission you would like to accomplish through your business is key and aids in your continued success. A mission will keep you focused on why your business is important, what your business serves and when you plan to accomplish certain goals through the mission of your business. Listen now to learn more on how to pin point the who and how.

CFD 006 – How to Lose Money & Earn Money

Are you aware that you can easily loose money by trying to do everything right? Are you also aware that you can easily earn money by making mistakes? Listen now to learn how opportunity costs and opportunity advantages affect real estate, business investing and our personal lives.

CFD 005 – You’re Being Lied To

We are taught that depending on retirement plans and saving money is the best solution. However, money sitting idle in a bank or retirement plan does not create cash flow. Listen now to learn how creating streams of income can provide more stability in life, regardless of your bank balance.

CFD 004 – Change Your Patterns

Step out of your comfort zone and become open to the ideas and thoughts of others to help you achieve your goals. Listen now to learn five steps to help change your patterns.

CFD 003 – Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Who is on your team? Position yourself to have the right people in place or at least have knowledge of the right people to call when you are negotiating a deal. Listen now to learn how to select the right team players and learn how interdependency is vital.