You Can Finally Join A Small, Select Group of Cashflow Diary Affiliates!

You’re obviously a smart cookie.

You’re here, and you’re reading about my exciting affiliate program that is finally open for public application.

You know that I like to move fast.

Hopefully you do, too…

So let’s get right to the heart of the matter…

Chances are you know who I am, and maybe you’ve purchased my products, taken my education and benefited from my advice. You know I’m genuine and that I want to serve as many people possible.

In a minute I’ll share exactly how you can quickly capitalize on my efforts and start making money promoting Cashflow Diary products, services, and events.

I’m also going to share how you can earn your way into the most exclusive “club” anywhere for high-performing affiliates.

This club goes way beyond your regular “bonus iPods” or “Amazon gift cards.”

It’s for serious affiliates who would like to generate sales for the most complete short-term rental training in the world.

There’s a reason top performing affiliates have been requesting this program and can’t wait to get started.

Cashflow Diary products sell… in fact, they sell very well.

Here's why…

I am one of the most successful Real Estate Investing trainers in the world.

I've raised millions of dollars in private capital for my deals and I'm not slowing down anytime soon.

I have just shifted nearly all of my focus to the short-term rental market…

And my 37 units are generating over $1.9M a year in revenue.

My podcast has over 2.3 MILLION downloads…

I've trained over 5,000 students…

I've partnered with investors in three countries…

I've owned cell phone towers…

And I also happen to have over 200 units of residential and commercial property.

My students get results, make money, and many leave their jobs simply by using my training and doing the work.

So rest assured that the same level of effort and energy that has been poured into my trainings and courses has also gone into designing a sales system to maximize revenue at every stage of the sales process.

That means the traffic you send to any Cashflow Diary product sales funnel has a much better chance of making you money than other programs you may be promoting.

In fact, my last promotion earned our affiliates a staggering $14 EPC when they sent to their warm list of over 60,000 subscribers.

Are you starting to see why people have been begging to allow me to let them to promote my products through an affiliate program?

As mentioned above, this is not like any other affiliate program you've ever seen or participated in.

It's select.

It's for people who take fast and massive action…

And it's for people who do what they say they're going to do.

Only Committed And Serious Affiliates Should Apply for the Cashflow Diary Affiliate Program

The reason is simple…

My staff and I will be investing a lot of time, money and resources to personally help those affiliates who actively promote my products.

Affiliates who try to take advantage of this by reaping all the benefits and not promoting will be quickly and swiftly removed.

Four Reasons You'll Make Money Fast With Cashflow Diary's Affiliate Program:

Big commissions and high-ticket items – We offer an array of excellent resources and products, so you can earn generous commissions every month by effectively sharing our products.

Our commissions start at 20% and go up to 40%…

And you can profit from Cashflow Diary's established reputation. Think of the time you'll save…

Cashflow Diary is putting together a team and resources (including our brand new Affiliate Center) to help you maximize your affiliate promotions.

We'll do all the heavy lifting for you by creating proven ads, emails, and promotional materials to ensure the highest conversion rates possible.

If after reading this letter you feel that you'd like to claim your membership in our exclusive affiliate community there’s just a couple of things you need to do…

Start thinking about your first idea for a Cashflow Diary promotion!

Fill out the application form on the next page in complete and thorough detail…

We will evaluate your ability to promote Cashflow Diary products and events.

Await the approval of your application and don't be surprised if you get a call first

It's important you know that your application will not be automatically accepted.

Upon approval you will begin to receive regular communication from our affiliate team. They'll keep you informed of upcoming promotions, product launches, events, and even private training opportunities to help you jumpstart your affiliate relationship with us!

When you're accepted to the Cashflow Diary program you become family… you will always have the maximum support necessary to help you maximize your affiliate efforts with us.

So, if I haven't scared you off…

Click here to apply to become a Cashflow Diary affiliate now