A Winning Play

Man, I’m blown away by what I see every day in our group! If you’re not a Cashflow Core Member, you are missing out on some of the best conversations involving real estate investing and growing your business that I’ve seen.

Why Charity Is A Slam Dunk?

But what does the word “charity” bring to mind for you? Maybe putting some dollar bills in an envelope at church or making a donation to your favorite cause?

Winning Tactics For Playing Cashflow 202

Young players can play Cashflow for Kids; as soon as they can work a calculator they can move up to playing Cashflow 101. Adults learning about investing and the game should also start by playing Cashflow 101.

How to Play the Cashflow Game

In this video you learn why playing this game consistently over time will help you understand how investors and business owners think and operate in real life.

8 Tips To Running a Successful Cashflow Game

I wish I had 10 bucks for every time I am asked about my Cashflow 101 game events. I might have enough to fund a small deal. Here are 8 things you can do that will help you create a great game experience for your participants.