Man, I’m blown away by what I see every day in our group! If you’re not a Cashflow Core Member, you are missing out on some of the best conversations involving real estate investing and growing your business that I’ve seen.

Man, I’m blown away by what I see every day in our group!

If you’re not a Cashflow Core Member, you are missing out on some of the best conversations involving real estate investing and growing your business that I’ve seen.

Without naming names of the members who post questions, answers, comments and articles that help all the other members, I thought it would be great to share some of what’s going on in this group!

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One of the things I like most about it is that I get to answer questions and interact in real time with members every chance I get.

My team and I decided to combine our various group pages together to create an all-encompassing go-to location for all things real estate investing.

Before a couple of months ago, we had a private page for wholesalers, a private page for those who took our course on how to raise private capital and we had a private page for those who took our course on investing in multi-family properties.

It was too much and now it’s kind of like the old red school house situation, where those more seasoned and experienced investors can help those just entering the field.

The short story is that it works really, really well, and I get to watch members helping members.

They’re learning from each other, doing deals together, making new contacts, growing their network and expanding their reach… all of which is necessary as an entrepreneur and especially in the world of real estate investing.

I love the comments that lead to questions and how other members respond!

I thought it might be fun to share just a handful of these actual interactions with you.

First up, here’s something I just saw regarding a recent episode of my Cash Flow Diary podcast. The poster meant to inspire… and she did a great job of it.

This member says, “I was listening to CFD 195 and David Woods mentioned entrepreneurs should get in front of hundreds of thousands of people per day. Or that mom and pops should hopefully want to get in front of 50-100 a day. What are some things you are doing online or offline to reach the 50 or 100k a day goal?”


The poster of that question got answers! She still is.

Another member had a great question about investing in assisted living homes.

He asks, “So I came across a property that might be a good fit for a nursing home. It actually used to be one, but was converted into a SFR. I know J had a guest on a podcast once that converted homes like this into nursing homes. Can anyone recall who that was? I'd like refresh my memory to see the potential of this property using that method.”

The cool thing is that the man who posted this received plenty of responses. Now he knows the podcast episode he needs to listen to again. Plus he got a lot of input from other members who are investing in assisted living homes!

Here’s the podcast episode in case you’re interested in this smart income-producing trend…

ALF Training Academy

Sometimes posts are of a more personal nature, where members talk about their successes and interactions with the outside world, finding deals and talking to investors.

When this happens, it makes me really happy.

That’s when I know the people in the group have taken our Cash Flow Diary courses and are implementing at the speed of instruction™ what I’ve guided them to do!

Here’s a perfect example…

A member shares, “This weekend my family and I decided we needed to leave our local area for a few days. While in the hotel I started browsing properties and found one where the seller advertised ‘no money down’ deal. I decided to contact them. Turns out to be a real estate developer/investor doing much of what I've envisioned myself doing, and this particular home was just him solving a problem for a friend going through a divorce. One Tim Hortons coffee and an hour-long conversation later, and I've made my first solid connection in this business! I'm not looking back! Very pleased to be a part of this group!”

This guy got a lot of thumbs-up and congratulations in response, and that’s what really makes our group page tick.

It’s an incredibly supportive and helpful environment where members can say what’s on their minds, ask questions and pick each other’s brains in a safe space.

Of course, had this been my post, it would have been Starbucks mentioned as the coffee shop of choice, because I’m there more than I am in my home office!

I do a lot of business in Starbucks. God knows I do!


And talk about sharing success stories, here’s one from one of our newer private Facebook group members…

She says, “I feel like I just turned a major mental corner and had a personal home run. Four years ago I bought my first 4-plex using the methods I had been studying. Because we were beyond broke, I figured out how to buy it Subject-To their existing mortgage and the owner self-financed the majority of the down payment at 5%. We only had to come to the table with approximately $7,000 to close. Our market is hot, so I decided to look into selling. Put it on the market and it sold in just a few days with a cash-buyer and we close in 2 weeks. Purchased for $234K – Sold for $282K. Nice little profit on the $7,000. Not anything we will retire on, but it will finally pay off the stupid (credit card) debt we have been carrying and the proof of concept is priceless.”

Hey, it doesn’t get much better for me than when our members put to use strategies they learn here as Cashflow Core Members and keep reaching higher levels because they put themselves out there and try new things!

That’s what we’re all about here at Cash Flow Diary.

We want every member to succeed; we want everyone who listens to my podcast, reads these blog articles, browses the website and takes any type of action, big or small, to succeed in their goals.

If you are one of those go-getters, I salute you!

It’s never too late to learn new skills and change one’s financial picture. I’ve seen too many of my students do it to pretend it can’t happen to anyone willing to take the steps necessary.

I was a newbie investor once; I’ve come a long, long way in a relatively short time.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I had to overcome fears, learn new skills, develop new relationships, rid myself of those that are toxic, and keep going even when I made mistakes. These are topics I cover a lot, because it is critical for people to know that they can achieve what I have achieved if they are willing to take the same steps.

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