The Top 3 Questions Your Prospect Needs Answered Now


Whether you are selling real estate or widgets, there are three crucial questions your prospect needs answered now.

1. Does it work?

The best way to answer this vital question is to prove your assertion about the product. A testimonial is one of the best business practices used to provide proof. Sample closers can also be effective. For example, a pet shop owner might tell a customer to take a puppy home for a trial period.

In real estate, proof of concept is easy. Everyone understands that people need a place to live, work and rest.

2. Will it work for me?

The optimal way to answer this question is to present a system. Systems work regardless of the experiences of the person using them. In real estate, you do not have to do everything alone. You can surround yourself with a team and leverage the team's knowledge to benefit your business. Systems can also eliminate negative thoughts that prevent you from achieving your goal of creating passive income.

3. Can I do it?

The third question concerns an individual's drive to reach the goal of starting a business and making it successful.

Answer this question by embracing strategies that increase your belief that you can succeed. Books and online communities are valuable tools that can help aspiring business owners realize extraordinary achievements.

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Until next time…

J. Massey