Know why I’m doing an Investors Round Table on September 22nd and 23rd? Let me give you the back story. First, I think it’s going to be a fun way to provide intensive training.

Know why I’m doing an Investors Round Table on September 22nd and 23rd?

Let me give you the back story.

  • First, I think it’s going to be a fun way to provide intensive training.
  • Second, I’m intrigued with the idea of round-table events. (I’ve always learned well in a small-group, in-person environment.)
  • Third, it brings to mind King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table! What’s cooler than that? (Well, maybe a sci-fi type of event, but that doesn’t work here and the costumes would get in the way of your learning.)

Before I go any further, here’s an interesting fact…

According to historians, there might not ever have been a real King Arthur, and people didn’t eat at tables back in the medieval days. They actually ate on boards, giving rise to the concept of “room and board.”
Medieval people ate on boards, giving rise to the concept of room and board! Click To Tweet
This point is interesting to me as a real estate investor because it has to do with real estate, too, just like everything else. After all, if you think about it, we all need a place to live, work, play and eventually lay, right? Therefore, literally everything we do has something to do with a piece of real estate.

Gotta love that proof of concept!

That’s something I talk about in several episodes of my Cash Flow Diary podcast. Here’s one. Give it a listen…


So, back to the event at hand.

What do I have planned for this two-day intensive in-person Investors Round Table?

Lots of things!

Let’s say you attend. After the end of the 2nd day, your brain is going to be full of new information that you will be able to use in real-world real estate investing.

But that’s not all.

I’m going to do a brain dump like never before covering everything I know about being the best entrepreneur you can be and the best business owner you can be in and out of real estate.

Because those in the room are already active in real estate investing and likely experiencing the pangs of business growth, I won’t spend a lot of time on foundational teachings.


This is HIGH-LEVEL training that is meant to take you to the next level in your journey. In fact, you get to pick my brain like never before.

I have some thought-provoking exercises planned, too. (They are intended to make you think about your decisions and actions, so you can make even better ones once you’re back in the world doing real deals.)

Here’s a peek at what you’ll get:



If you’ve ever participated in my 12-week live online mastermind groups, you know you’re in for great training, but we’ve never done something like this before!

I’m excited.

The idea came to me after a recent live event where I was in front of a good-sized audience. I got to do some role play and answer higher-level questions from real estate investors and entrepreneurs in the room.

I receive such great feedback from that event that I released a transcript of it.


It is a popular download because it talks about evaluating your Investor Identity so you can solve problems in your market.

I’ll be going over that in depth during the two-day Investors Round Table, too!

To get a taste of what this part is all about, check out the recording from that live event now…

Q&A with J

Like I said, there will be plenty of time for question-and-answer sessions.

As I take participants through the various ways to earn a great income in real estate investing, there will be lots of questions, I’m sure!

If you want to watch a couple of recorded Q & A with J. episodes, you can find a handful of early ones on my YouTube channel.

Here’s one you can start with…

Q&A with J 6-17-14

If you’ve participated in any mastermind group before – even if they weren’t with me – you already know how valuable they can be as a training mechanism.

Cash Flow Diary masterminds typically are delivered online. This event will give even more value than the online events… and the training will be so intensive that you can’t help but learn!

My team turns my recorded masterminds into full-size courses. However, these are only available through membership. Feel free to check it out…


But membership only gives you access to our CORE courses. The higher-level courses can be accessed on their own. That’s because the added value they bring to your education is unmatched.

I’ll be covering those topics at the live event, too. For example, lead-generation strategies that don’t break the bank and that you can implement the same day you learn how to use them! And negotiation tactics.

That’s where role play will be critical in the live event.

During the Investors Round Table we’ll be going far, far beyond the basics. (Though we will be touching on them to set the stage for higher learning.)

The bottom line is that I’m doing this cool, first-time-ever Investors Round Table because I want you to be the biggest, baddest, best real estate investor, business owner and entrepreneur you can be.

What better way to train you in all those things than to sit with you in a room where I can help you hands-on, one-on-one? (Okay, more like 12-on-one, but you get the idea!)

If it weren’t for my desire to be a lifelong learner, I wouldn’t be where I am today. The same can be said of all the successful Cash Flow Diary students who’ve taken any of my training. Here’s just one example…

Tyler Sheff

As an entrepreneur it is critical to your success to keep learning new skills, keep reading books written by those who have come before you in your area of interest, and keep talking to people everywhere you go to keep building your network and knowledge bases.

I know what I’m talking about here. In fact, I do these things even today at my level!

If you haven’t read my story yet, go here right now and get my book for free. You’ll see I’m just like you… and I wasn’t always the expert investor I am today! It’s a good read. Get it no…


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