Another holiday season is behind us. While 2013 brought us many wonderful things here at Cash Flow Diary, and we are grateful for each and every one, we still kept brainstorming for more ways to help more people get into real estate investing and more. By George, we did it, too!

We couldn’t wait for 2014 to roll around, so we could open lots of new doors to opportunity and hand you the keys! The first is our brand new Cash Flow Diary Daily podcast! It launched Monday, January 6, and in just three days we ranked #19 in the New & Noteworthy area in iTunes.

You can see we have another reason to celebrate. If you look at the podcast that holds #29 in the rankings, it’s J. Massey’s original Cash Flow Diary. That’s the long-form podcast that every investor and anyone who has every thought about investing should listen to weekly. Not bad if you consider this unique podcast launched just last year.

What else are we excited about?

There’s our Raising Private Capital Mastermind Group that starts Monday, January 14, 2014. Seats are filling fast for this very special session. It’s not too late to register, but you’ll have to hurry. Doors close to new sign ups at noon, PST, Monday. We are thrilled to tell you that we had to add more groups to accommodate those wanting to learn how to raise private capital and close deals faster. Part of what is offered to participants is our new Deal Review tool. It’s not really a tool. It’s J. Massey and he looks at participants’ deals, providing valuable feedback. It’s like having a private coach running down the court with you. There’s no way you won’t sink the basket!

If that’s not enough to announce, we’re working on our new Wholesaling Training Course. Be sure to let us know if you are interested in this training tool. It is taken directly from our last Wholesaling Mastermind Group, so you know it’s going to offer a lot of value. Look for information on this site in the Training area soon. We’ll make an official announcement when the product is available for purchase. You’ll be surprised by just how affordable it is!
We are also putting together other courses and will unveil a cool, new website designed to help you jump into the investor pool sooner than later. We can’t share much about this new venture right now, but we promise you will want to check back from time to time. If you aren’t already on our mailing list, please send us your contact information and we’ll make sure to send you an invitation to be one of the first to see our new site.


This year is going to open lots of new doors to opportunity!

We cannot wait to hand you the keys to each and every one.

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