Amazing Interview With Brain Researcher – John Assaraf From The Secret. Listen Now!

  • 6 years ago

I’ve known about John Assaraf for a long time. He is the creator of a program I personally use call PraxisNow that helps me stay more focused and productive. I’ve also read his books and have watched him deliver energetic, thought-provoking presentations. He is not doing anything right. He is doing everything right! A bestselling author, John appeared in The Secret, a film that people watch time and time again to gain insight into what it takes to reach success. This isn’t a shock. John has a lot to say on the topic of success and how we can prime the brain to think differently to allow success to happen.

John and I had a lively discussion during a recent podcast. John graciously agreed to be my guest in the month of November as part of our special tribute series to honor thought leader Zig Ziglar. It was a perfect fit! During the interview, which you can still tune in to hear by clicking here, John shared what he learned from Zig and other leaders in the industry. He also talked about some pretty interesting laws that will attract success. One is the GOYA Law. I don’t want to be a spoiler, so I won’t tell you what that is. However, I will say you’ll get a chuckle and then I hope you’ll take it to heart and do something with it.

That’s the great thing about learning. You get to do something with the knowledge! I have to practice what I teach, so I learn then do and then learn more and take more action steps. Of course, like John Assaraf says, you have to train your brain to accept new ideals before you’ll achieve success. I’m here to tell you that all things are possible. Look at me. I’ve achieved a lot in the past six years. I couldn’t have taken my first steps much less continue to take steps today if not for shifting my mindset. But don’t take my word for it. Read books by today’s thought leaders and success coaches. Use programs that will help you change you beliefs to something more positive. Contact me. I’ll answer your questions. And keep listening to my podcast. You’ll learn a lot that you can put into immediate action!