Paying Tribute To Motivational Maestro Zig Ziglar Is an Honor and Privilege!


In November of 2012, the world lost an amazing soul and pioneer in the area of thought leadership, Zig Ziglar. He was known for his work involving the power of positive thinking. Zig had millions of followers because he touched their lives. I’m one of them. Long before I become a real estate investor, I listened to recordings and read books that would help me change my mindset to become more open to success. I learned that to be successful I’d first have to change the way I think and react.

I read Zig’s work and studied his teachings. His work benefitted me in ways I couldn’t fully comprehend till later in life. You can bet that I practice what he taught even today. Zig’s teachings were easy to follow. He made learning interesting and fun. He was a unique character, full of energy and a life force that could easily fill an auditorium. On stage he let his magnetic personality flow and was known for his colorful analogies and stories from his own life to teach lessons. Zig Ziglar is truly unforgettable.

That’s why my team and I decided to honor Zig through the month of November in a special podcast series that features some of today’s hottest and most interesting thought leaders. We will make this an annual event!

Our first guest in the Zig Ziglar Tribute podcast series was Tom Ziglar. You might note the similarity of the last name. Tom is Zig’s proud son who took over operations for Ziglar, Inc., as its CEO. That happened before his father’s passing, however, and he was able to stay out of the limelight until recently. Today Tom is a speaker in his own right. He continues to earn recognition for his own style of presentation, but the message of the power of positive thinking and taking action holds strong.

I got to sit down with Tom as he shared personal stories with me about his father, how the Ziglar dynasty grew over the years, and what we can look forward to from it in the future. It was awesome! I have to add that Tom is one of the nicest guys you could meet. Really humble and generous with his time. He has a lot of valuable insights into building success, and I hope he’ll be a guest again on a future podcast. If you missed it, you can still listen in here.