Last summer we hit half a million downloads.

That was pretty cool.

But now I’m here to report an even bigger milestone has been met…

Thanks to you, my Cashflow Diary podcast has surpassed ONE MILLION downloads!

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You know what this means?

I’m getting to spread my message further faster than ever before. If you listen to my podcast, let me take a minute to thank you. You’re the best!

If you haven’t started listening to my podcast yet, why not?

My guests are brilliant and we havefantastic conversations. These guests are down in the trenches of investing just like me, and they have a wealth of knowledge to get you to your goals of, well, wealth!

If you think about it, my podcast offers you free education and plenty of it. We have more than 340 episodes and we air the podcast twice a week.

If you haven’t listened to this week’s episode yet, get in there and do it. It is an interesting interview with Andy Andrews who talks about the 7 Decisions of Success! Here’s a quick link:

Hosting the podcast is fun!!

Like I shared with you in my last milestone update, when the idea first came to me (because a good friend kept suggesting I do one) I didn’t know where the podcast would take me. It started as a way to leave information for my kids. Call it part of my legacy. I wanted to give my kids my back story, my WHY for choosing to get into real estate investing and maybe motivate them to follow in my footsteps.

So far so good. They are little entrepreneurs! (And I love watching them grow into themselves.)

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Now lots of people are listening in and getting to learn all about why real estate investing makes a whole lot of sense. It is the #1 think the wealthiest people in the world have in common. Yes, they invest in real estate. You can, too.

There are so many different ways to invest in yourself while investing in real estate that it blows my mind even now. That’s another reason I started the podcast. I wanted to share as much information about those different ways possible to the widest audience possible.

Whether you want information on being a better wholesaler, some cool tips and tactics in fixing and flipping, or you want to learn some off-the-wall strategies people have used to create cashflow in real estate, you’ll learn what you came to learn in this podcast.

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Alia Ott of www.InvestorsInAction.com who talked to me at length about investing in self-storage facilities. That’s what she and her partner do. If you missed that episode, here’s the link:

Alia and I have a lot in common. No, not just real estate investing. We both understand that to educate is to dominate in our markets. She does self-storage and I do short-term rental (STR) properties. At least that is my primary focus at this time, because the cashflow potential is massive.

Learn how I created 16 STRs in under 6 months.


You have to listen every week…

My podcast offers excellent information and keeps you up to date on real estate investing trends. But it doesn’t do you any good if you don’t tune in, put your ear buds in and listen.

If you don’t listen to another podcast each week, please give Cashflow Diary a chance, because it is that good… and I’m like a proud papa. I love what the show has become!!

Just like watching my kids grow up, I’ve been watching my little podcast grow and grow and grow. I have no idea where we’ll be this time next year. Maybe we’ll hit 2M downloads. Who knows?!

I’m always up for a challenge.

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And just like I’m always telling you, I keep setting new goals, because that’s what we as entrepreneurs are supposed to do.

Otherwise we grow stagnant. We stop moving forward. We get complacent.

Who wants that?!

Not me. Not you. At least I hope you don’t want that.

Rather I want you to set goals, reach them and then push the goal post out further. That’s the way to achieve all you desire and then some.

That’s exactly what all my podcasts guests have in common.

Here… give this episode a listen. Then you’ll see what I mean…

Man, this guest was enthusiastic about goals.

It was a fun interview for me… and for him.

Stay tuned.

Now that we’ve hit 1M downloads, you might think it’s time to rest. But that’s not how we do things here at Cashflow Diary. We have no plans to slow down. We’ll keep giving you excellent content in the form of the podcast and so much more.

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know what I always say…

The day I stop teaching and sharing what I know in real estate investing is the day I’m no longer doing it, and that’s not going to happen in the foreseeable future. Not by a long shot… especially now that I’ve discovered the true beauty of doing STRs.

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For me, short-term rental properties can’t be beat.

The income can’t be beat.

The fun of putting one together can’t be beat.

I’ll be talking more about that on an upcoming podcast episode or two. You can bet on it.

For now, if you want to learn more about creating STRs and creating killer cashflow doing it, go here:

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