There’s one thing that’s on everyone’s mind right now… the coronavirus. 

And, regardless of how you create value in the business world, we’re all being impacted.

So yes, the coronavirus is impacting business owners. 

But, as an entrepreneur, you have always had to navigate your own path through the wilderness… and right now the wilderness is called COVID-19. 

There’s always a risk in putting yourself out there and trying to bring something new into the world.  

And, like with any of the other conflicts or issues that come with being a business owner, there is a way to protect yourself and your business during this pandemic.  

Here’s what you need to know...

How to Respond as a Business Owner When Something Attacks

I know, “when something attacks” sounds like a B rated ’80s movie, but hear me out... 

The coronavirus and its devastating impact is not something that we expected or wanted — and yes, it’s very inconvenient. 

But that is simply the nature of being a business owner... there’s ALWAYS been risks. 

When you decide to build a business, you’re putting yourself on the line to help improve people’s lives. 

And unfortunately, something will always be attacking. 

Even employees have these risks — in the business world, negative situations happen all the time. But it’s the business owner who deals with those situations, so employees don’t always see the attacks. 

It’s not going to be fun or easy. Everyone is having to make adjustments to their lives as the world gears up to combat COVID-19. 

At Cashflow Diary, we’re working together to solve the problems that are surfacing as the impact of the coronavirus continues to unfold. 

And, as the world continues to adapt to the current crisis, our Cashflow Diary community will continue to stay ahead of the problems and deal with the necessary changes head-on. 

Where There’s Chaos… There’s Cash Flow.

There’s one thing we want you to know: this is survivable. 


In fact, it can even be turned into a positive. 

Yes, even right now, you can still grow your business and increase your profits. 

Because despite the travel bans and quarantines, and the fear and panic… there’s also opportunity. 

It’s more important than ever to remain calm and make the necessary adjustments to keep your short term rental business running smoothly. 

And, as we have always done, we will continue to become bigger, badder, better real estate investors.

How to Overcome the Fear of the Unknown

Overcoming the fear of the unknown is hard — whether it’s fear of leaving your 9-5 or the chaos of the coronavirus. That’s why, now more than ever, you’re going to want the Cashflow benefits!

So if you’re currently building your short term rental business, or trying to decide if now is the time to start… here’s the thing: doing it on your own is not a risk that you need to take. 

The Cashflow Diary is not a book or a how-to-video on short-term rentals — it's a proven 3-phase formula, broken-down for you in a step-by-step process to move you from leasing to owning to cash flowing.

It’s impossible to learn everything you need to know about successfully growing your short-term rental business overnight, or even in a weekend. You need continual education to help you create cash flow and a lifestyle of financial freedom. 

You NEED support... especially when difficult and unexpected things happen, like what we’re experiencing right now. 

When you have a community of experts and other short-term rental business owners sharing ideas, tips, and tactics that are working right now, you’re equipped to deal with anything that comes your way.  

You get to talk directly to me, in a live Q&A session, where your questions and concerns can be answered by our community and other industry leaders.

In my latest video, I answered questions and discussed things like effective cleaning methods, updated Airbnb policies, handling cancellations, and more on how to ensure your short term rental business survives the coronavirus.

Check it out here!

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