What We Can Learn from the Winter Olympics


It’s 2014 and the Winter Olympics are here! I get really excited as I watch the cold-weather athletes show their stuff. What’s so great about the Olympics? Only the best of the best of the best athletes get to participate. And there are lots of exciting sports! If I were to choose my favorite winter sport, I’d have to say figure skating. Yes, I know. Shocking. But it’s true. Those people are talented beyond talented! When I grab my coffee and sit back in my comfy chair to watch these athletes doing their super-fast spins followed by mind-boggling leaps through the air to land in perfection on one skate, I am completely lost and totally mesmerized. These skaters make what they do look absolutely effortless. I just shake me head and think, how on earth do they do that? The short answer is practice and lots of it. Oh, and dedication.

Regardless of how they feel or what’s going on in their personal lives, these top athletes put in many hours each and every day practicing their moves on the ice. They persevere no matter what and with zero excuses. They have a goal: to be the best in their sport and to enter the Winter Olympics! Their singular focus to their goal drives them forward, keeps them on track, gives them the inner strength to practice hard and hone their skills, and ultimately to win.

As real estate investors, we can learn from these amazing athletes. We need to practice, practice, practice our skills. Even when we think they are finely honed, we can’t stop there. We have to keep learning all we can about wealth-creation strategies and ways to do real estate deals that help more people solve more problems. That’s what being a real estate investor is all about. Being the best problem-solver possible.

Whether your customer is a retail type, fix ‘n’ flipper or bold buy-and-holder, you’ll know how to serve him. You’ll know the strategies to use. You’ll understand how investors fit into the Profit Analysis Quadrant (P.A.Q.) and you’ll know how to help them earn cash flow over the long haul with the best tax benefits. With practice, you’ll be as impressive as a real estate investor as an Olympic skater is on the ice. People will be mesmerized by your skills and want to keep coming back to work with you time and time again because they like to see your impressive moves.

Don’t let your skills get rusty. Skate over to the book-recommendation page and see if you’ve read all the books. If not, make it a goal to add more reading to your schedule. Then leap over to the podcast and listen to a few of our latest episodes. Make that a habit. Be sure to check back here at least once a week to read new blog posts and see what else we’ve added to the site. We’re launching products and opportunities you’re going to enjoy. They’re meant to keep you on track and hone your investing skills.