Personal Growth Income Is Essential For Your Success


As you know, when I started my entrepreneurial journey I was still working a job full time and had to make time where and when I could. During that time a friend of mine told me something I’ve not forgotten.

He said:

  • Your income, will NEVER be larger than your personal growth

And he also said:

  • You’ve learned how to work hard. Now you’ve got to work harder on yourself than you do at work.

Well I didn’t know any better, and I’m glad that was the case. The suggestion was that I begin to read books, attend seminars, and listen to tapes or CDs in the car. This suggestion was given to me back sometime in 2003. I received the suggestion as a command and since that time, I can say that I’m certain I’ve averaged at least two books per month until this very day.

Today I can say that I’ve gone through many books, tapes, seminars, and the like, and being on the other side I will also say this – those first two statements I mentioned earlier have some truth to them. Now I am not saying all your problems are going to be solved by trying some self-help, meditation, or guru techniques. I firmly believe that the best self-help book ever written is the Bible. But what I am saying is that a lot of the practical application of Biblical teachings can be found in the self-help, business, personal development, etc. books of today.

So to that effect, and because of the benefit of perspective, personal and spiritual growth, and in business that I’ve received, the “Virtual Book Club” section exists. The intent of this section of the site is to give you insights that I’ve obtained from books I’ve read or am currently reading (Member Only Benefit). The goal is for you to grow along with me. Now for that to happen, this is what is expected:

  • Get the book or books as needed (The Virtual Book Club is a good place to start).

  • Read the book or listen to the audio that has been purchased. I’ve also seen many people buy a book or resource (and truthfully I can look on my shelf and see a few times where I’ve done this) and then never use it. Here’s an important principle to understand: a resource or book may have a price of $100.00 or even more, but once it is put to use its value is often 100 times the investment.

  • Place your comments (Member Only Benefit) on this website as we go along. Answer the questions that are being asked and also reply and/or comment on the comments of others. In this way, we all grow from different perspectives. Also, when you comment, have an action-oriented focus. Ask yourself questions like, “How can what I just read improve my business? Personal life? Role in my family? Friendships?”

  • Return often to repeat and repeat this process and let’s grow together.

Until next time…

J. Massey