If you read my blog posts and listen to my podcasts, you hopefully understand that I didn’t just automatically and magically create my success as a real estate investor.

If you read my blog posts and listen to my podcasts, you hopefully understand that I didn’t just automatically and magically create my success as a real estate investor. Quite the opposite. Just like you, I had to build skills. One was relationship-building. I guarantee you that this didn’t come naturally, because naturally I am a very shy guy. I would never have placed myself in a crowd where I’d have to give others my elevator pitch. But guess what? I learned that it was necessary to get the ball rolling toward building relationships with other investors who could help me reach my goals.

In my previous life, I held different sales jobs. I also did some financial planning before my life took a couple of very unforeseen left turns. If you know my story, you know my wife was very ill while pregnant with our youngest child. You also know that I punctured a lung playing volleyball at that same time. My wife and I were both laid up and couldn’t work. All my sales experience and financial training couldn’t have prepared me for this nightmare, but there we were. I had to do something to feed my family (literally), and I finally heard my friend’s words, “You have to get into real estate. You’d be great as a real estate investor!” Why do I say “finally”? He’d been saying the same thing for months before I actually bothered to listen. Okay, okay. He was right. But at the time I took a leap of faith. This friend’s relationship meant a lot to me; his suggestion meant a lot to me; his friendship and support today means a lot to me. It was a small lesson in the importance of building the right relationships in business.

Long story short, I became a real estate investor. I gathered leads and was excellent at that part. But then came the part I had to work at… following up on those leads and talking to other human beings in face-to-face interactions. Yikes! I wasn’t great at these social interactions right out of the chute, but I got real good at it once I realized I couldn’t hide from it or let my fears take control of my emotions. It’s just a conversation!

If you are not great in crowds or the thought of getting up in front of people to tell them what you do and what you want them to do to help you reach your goals, I have a suggestion. Join a group that will force you to get more comfy in speaking in front of crowds. For me it was Toastmasters, and it was a great experience. I actually enjoy getting up in front of workshop audiences now. Why? Because I know what I have to say will help them in their decisions and help them with their deals so they can have the life they want.

I’ve built all sorts of relationships in workshops, at networking events, meeting people at Starbucks (my preferred office and meeting location) and everywhere I go. Now I can’t stop myself from telling people what I do. I keep my elevator pitch short and to the point. I listen more than I speak. I answer questions concisely. I stay on track. I tell others what I want their help with, and guess what? They respond; we build a mutually beneficial relationship.

Everything starts with a conversation, so get out there and have a few every day. Tell them what you’re doing. Don’t be afraid to share your excitement. Heck, it’s exciting to be a real estate investor. Ask them if they’ve ever thought of participating in real estate. You’ll definitely get a conversation started. I share more about this in my book. Order your sample now. Text the word “sample” to 949-682-3565.


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