“Road Blocks? Blow ‘Em Up!” says Denise Griffitts

  • 6 years ago

I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a guest on Denise Griffitts' radio show! That was on January 10, 2014. The title of her show is Your Partner in Success, and she covers all types of topics that are geared to help entrepreneurs and business owners organize and operate more smoothly, which means they can create more cash flow as a result. Maybe that's why she asked me to be her guest. I don't think either one of us knew just how much fun we'd have during the interview or that we'd actually run out of time because we were busy talking about all sorts of things. But that's okay. She asked me back to be her guest again. I'll keep you posted once that date has been scheduled. I can't wait! Denise is a charming and gracious host. She has surprising insights on business and life, too. Sometimes her comments made me burst out laughing. I didn't expect such a sense of humor from this soft-spoken lady.

What was awesome about being on Denise's show was that I got to talk about topics that are near and dear to my heart, like how I got into real estate, what life events transpired to push me to succeed, how my life changed in a big way as a result of my becoming a real estate investor and what my life looks like now. We chatted about how I came up to the saying I use all the time: “It's NOW o'clock!” Anyone who knows me also knows that I truly believe in the importance of taking action NOW and not waiting. Denise asked me to go into detail about action steps and how they can change our lives. I was happy to oblige!

I also had an opportunity to share with Denise about all the training products we are creating for anyone wanting to learn about how to do real estate investing, how to raise private capital, now to network for net wealth, how to use self-directed retirement accounts to invest in real estate, how to purchase multi-family properties and about our Mastermind Groups. I told her how excited I am about the one that is starting right now to teach people how to raise private capital for their deals. I'm not kidding. We had our orientation and it was exciting. What a great group of Masterminders!

If you haven't listened to the interview yet, go to Your Partner In Success Radio.