The world is in chaos right now. That’s a fact.

Everything feels out of control. We don’t know what’s going on. We watch the news, and it’s obvious that no one knows what will happen next. 

But I’ve got some good news. With a change in perspective, you can turn chaos into incredible opportunity.

This isn’t our first rodeo as a country. We’ve been through economic recessions before. Most of us weren’t around in the 1930s and 40s. There was chaos then, and there’s chaos now.

Things don’t have to fall apart during a recession. You can still build—your business, your family, your character, YOU.

When we see nothing but chaos on the news and in the marketplace, it is helpful to realize that:

Where There is Chaos, There is Cash Flow

Think about it. The bigger the problem, the bigger the pain. The bigger the pain, the bigger the solution. The bigger the solution, the bigger the value (that the marketplace puts on that solution).


It doesn’t mean I’m excited about the chaos—or seeking it out. It just means there’s cash flow available for those willing to see it and for those willing to help people solve their problems in a time of need.

Example: you’ve heard of things like the Economic Injury Disaster Loan. A virus hits; the economy starts shutting down in several places; this creates chaos; the government responds with a program (a “solution”); but there’s a disconnect. 

How many of us know how to properly access the government documents in order to get the loan?

This is where chaos creates opportunity—and cash flow. Several groups have popped up to say: “We can help you access these funds.” This crisis has created opportunity for those who understand the chaos and can provide a solution.

Then, when you provide your personal information to companies like these, and that information gets in the wrong hands, it can result in identity theft. 

So, now what do you have? 

Companies popping up to offer identity threat protection.

Are you seeing how this works?

I know it’s easy to be overwhelmed by everything that’s broken right now—and everything is broken—but it’s time for us to attack the broken in a “how could I help?” kind of way?

There was an interruption to how the world earns income. Instead of overreacting, how can you contribute?

Small businesses—me, you, we—are part of the solution. 

This takes a certain mindset. I don’t like chaos, BUT there can still be cashflow. 

So, what do we do now?

Grab a local newspaper. Find a problem you can solve. And don’t wait until the “right time.”

The Right Time is Now O’Clock

How many of us would call ourselves cautious, analytical, patient? 

In 2007-2008, my wife and I were in a less-than-advantageous situation (to put it mildly). We had a horrible credit score, no resources. I spent my Saturday mornings scouring garage sales for deals and then reselling those items that afternoon on eBay, so we could eat on Sunday.

During my garage sale days, I didn’t have the luxury of being cautious or analytical or patient. I didn’t have the luxury of fear or doubt or understanding the whole process upfront before I took a first step. 

I had to eat. 

I brought that same mindset to real estate. 

Go with what you have. Not: think about it for a while. Not: wonder about it for a bit. 

The best time isn’t next year. Or three months from now. Or even tomorrow.

The time to go is now o’clock.

In other words: 

Move at the Speed of Instruction

Our brains are designed to keep us safe. We want to know everything first and know there’s no risk. There are seasons when you’re learning something new and get in your own way. 

But you just don’t have time to get in your own way. Moving at the speed of instruction doesn’t allow time for your better idea. Do it in the way that’s been proven, then add your own twist.

Imitate before you innovate. Go first. Get it done.

Because, if you don’t, someone else will. 

Opportunity knocks until someone opens the door.

And opportunity comes in unexpected packages. 

If you say no, or “wait, let me think,” or “I’ve never done that before,” or “I can’t see myself doing that,” you’ll miss out.

Somebody else will answer that knock.

Be Receptive to Care-frontation 

Last thing. (But, first, did I just invent a new word?? Ha!)

We all need someone looking out for us. Friends, family members, someone who’s willing to confront us because they care. 

It’s easy to let someone walk off a cliff, rather than risk the relationship. But we need people in our lives who will give us a care-frontation, to lovingly guide us in the right direction, to let us know if we’re headed the wrong way.

Do you have that kind of person/people in your life? Don’t skip this important step.

To wrap it all up: changing your philosophy, your mindset, during times of chaos can be the difference between spiraling out of control and wildly succeeding in business and in life.

If you:

  • Interpret chaos as cash flow

  • Understand now o’clock

  • Move at the speed of instruction

  • Stay receptive to care-frontation

Then you will:

  • Solve problems

  • Win consistently

  • Continue to add value to the marketplace.

In times of chaos, the world needs superheroes. 

Inside of you, a superhero is dying to be born. 

Put on that cape and go for it.


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