ometimes a guest and I have so much in common that it surprises me. Such is the case in my Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Dame DC Cordova.

What can I say? Sometimes a guest and I have so much in common that it surprises me. Such is the case in my Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Dame DC Cordova. What an interesting human being! The views of this special “Dame” are refreshing!

DC shares a lot from her life and about her beliefs. For one, she tells us to allow ourselves to be as big as we can be in our lives! This is something DC learned early in her life. A tragedy that she experienced at 18 years of age pushed her into the legal field and she learned a lot not just from her work but from the women in her family. It would later become part of her popular Business Success Model!

When she was 24, DC says that she was the most unhappy beautiful, successful, financially set woman on the planet, so she moved to Hawaii. She jokes that she said if she would be so miserable she as well be so in a beautiful place. After that, she had an epiphany, changed her mindset and learned entrepreneurial skills. She found balance between work and life, as well as transformational and success principles. She went on to become Robert Kiyosaki’s business partner for 17 years and helped train some of the biggest names in thought leadership today.

One of the things DC talks about is the “Deservability Factor” in success. In short, if you don’t believe you deserve success you won’t get it. Or if you do, you won’t hold onto it. You really have to believe to receive! I can’t argue with that. DC lives in a very high level of deservability. She was knighted under the Order of St. John and is a member of the Russian Priory. If that’s not impressive enough, she is now a Dame Commander, which means she became a “double DC”!

DC promises to join us again for a future podcast episode, and I’m going to hold her to it so we can learn more about her ideas about income-generating activities, leverage, business strategies and how to use fear to benefit success. We can all benefit from her belief in empowering others and finding our purpose and genius inside ourselves. She asks what are the gifts that we have that will allow us to practice sound business principles to not just create the wealth we deserve but also help other people. She wants to awaken people to their inner purpose and power!

Dame DC gives us a very special gift. It’s a free Business Success Model. Go to www.MoneyandYou.com/freegift to download free four-session business makeover. The biggest gurus, the wealthiest people, the most successful among us practice these four business principles, so you should, too. What are you waiting for? Take this action step and implement at the Speed of Instruction™!


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