Why Is Clarity So Important When Becoming a Real Estate Entrepreneur?



Because without it you’re sunk. And I’m not just talking about you conduct yourself as a real estate entrepreneur either. You need to be clear and work with intention in all you do.

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Let me step back for a second and talk about my own focus and clarity. I’ve been focusing on my short-term rentals, which has been really, really exciting. I’ve gained tremendous clarity on how to make this work.

I’ve been learning a lot and am still learning how to improve things on that side of my life. But now that I have my 7th STR up and running, I can get back to focusing on livestreaming and teaching you what you need to do to be the biggest, baddest, best real estate entrepreneur you can be.

This week I got back to livestreaming and it feels pretty good. I’ve missed it. Over the past couple of days, I’ve devoted some time to talk about clarity. I can’t wait to keep going with this series.


Without clarity you lack focus.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my time on this planet, it’s that to achieve success in anything you have to keep your focus on your goals. That requires clarity.

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After all, you know the acronym for focus, right? It is… Follow One Course Until Successful.

But to keep your focus you need to be clear in your intentions. For example, you have to know your WHY for wanting to do real estate; you have to be clear on your market; you have to know whom you serve… your customer.

There’s a lot to get clear on as you move forward. Let’s start with your WHY. Instead of talking about it here, I’m going to pull once again from the way-back machine and share this video with you…

You have to be clear about your market.

When you hear me tell you that you need to be clear on your market, what I’m asking you is WHAT do you want to do inside real estate?

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Do you want to wholesale, fix-n-flip, buy single-family homes and rent them out, or buy apartment buildings to rent all those units out? Where do you want to invest? Is it North Carolina, Memphis, California or another country? Why is that? And, further, what level of property… A, B or C class? Why is that?


There are lots of things you need to understand and have clarity about before jumping in with both feet.

That’s something I’ve covered in different videos in a variety of ways that you should watch. You’ll find them by browsing the Cash Flow Diary YouTube channel.

Start with this one… It’s on making decisions about what you want to do in real estate.

With clarity you will be able to manage your time better.

What you’ll find is that with focus and clarity comes the ability to manage your time better. That’s a good thing, right? If you manage your time, you can get more done in your real estate business.

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Actually, if you can manage your time, you will get more done each and every day of your life in every area of your life.

Of course, to manage your time in the most effective way possible requires building systems and keeping them running. That way you can keep growing your business.

That’s what I talk a lot about in videos, podcasts and in various articles. For example, here’s a video about time management. It’s an oldie but goodie…

So did I always have clarity as a real estate entrepreneur?

Um, not exactly. But I learned real fast that I would have to focus in on what I was doing and be very, very clear on my goals if I ever wanted to reach success, which at that time meant generating income… any income!

There are lots of places on this site and by doing a search about me online that will give you a snapshot of my life just a few years ago when I first got into real estate investing.

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I decided that a great way to get started would be by focusing on wholesaling, I found plenty of opportunities. I made a decision – which if you look the word up in the dictionary it means “to cut off” other options – to be the best wholesaler I could possibly be. In short, I became very clear in my intentions. And then I maintained that focus.

Wholesaling appealed to me. I enjoyed the process of finding properties, sellers and buyers. I learned pretty quickly that to be successful in my endeavors meant I’d have to build my list of buyers first. Yay, me… That’s one of the tactics I teach others now.

Long story short, in my first four months as a real estate investor, I had done more than a dozen wholesale deals. It was exciting.

Like I said in one of my first articles on this blog, I remember thinking that I had made more in those short months than I had the whole year prior. I couldn’t believe it some days. I still have one of the first houses, too. I remember literally looking over my shoulder after that deal thinking someone would come and take it away from me. Funny, huh? (But oh so true.)

Wholesaling was a great entry point for me as a real estate entrepreneur. From there I kept adding to my skills. I learned the meaning of creative acquisitions and the importance of seller financing. Man, since those first days I’ve learned a lot.

That’s what I want you to do. Get clear on what you want to do and then get after it! Take steps to make your goals a reality. Here’s a good step to take right now… this very minute.