You Aren’t Truly Free Until You Understand Your Personal Prison

Are you a slave?

No, I didn’t think so. If you feel like your ankle is attached to a ball and chain, I promise you that it was your best choices that put it there.

Sounds harsh, but stay with me. I’ll explain soon enough.

Maybe you feel more like an indentured servant… to a boss or job you hate…

Or are you incarcerated? Do you live behind bars?

Maybe you just feel that way, because you’re living in a prison of your own making.

Do you complain about your boss or job… all the while wanting something more? (Yet when you get off work you head straight for the TV and a cold beer.)

Do you wish you had more freedom and control over your life?

Guess what?

You can have all the freedom and control you desire. In fact, you have plenty of choices.

You can start by learning 10 simple words…

Here’s the truth…

A lot of brave men and women have taken a bullet to protect your right to make choices at every turn. Even the wrong ones or no choice at all.

Others dared to don battle fatigues, take up arms and lay down their lives so you can have all the freedoms you get to exercise each and every day. That means you get to choose:

  • What you want to do,
  • How you want to live your life,
  • How you spend your days and nights, and…
  • How you earn your living.

You also have the right to complain about your freedoms.

That’s the funny thing. Complaining is also a choice.

Complaining and commiserating with others who complain makes it real easy NOT to exercise our rights to pursue what we want to do in life. We can stay right where we are… and never change. We all have that freedom.

You have that freedom. But why take that path?

When you’re ready to make a change, I have 10 simple words that will unlock that door and lots of doors thereafter.

So what is “freedom” anyway?

When it comes to the whole concept of freedom, we’ve been duped into thinking we aren’t free.

Society starts in on us from an early age to tell us that we need to tow the line, go to school, make good grades, attend college, and then get a job just so we can trade our time for a paycheck… most of the time for not nearly enough money to make ends meet.
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The shame is that in a great many homes both parents have to work to pay the bills, which leaves our kids to be raised by teachers, tutors, the TV and babysitters.

There is another way…

If you’re ready to take the bull by the horns, to exercise the freedom of choice that is yours for the taking, start here with 10 simple and very freeing words

Here’s a news flash: We are born free!

So why do we end up taking a J.O.B. trading our time for dollars?

It is the path of least resistance… a choice born of fear.

And that’s natural.

I talk about this in my podcast from time to time. I interview lots of guests who left jobs to pursue their goals because they had the freedom… just like you… to do so. Here’s a good one that tells how one man chose to put fear aside to come to a country he didn’t know to create a product we all know well today:

Brian Smith’s story as the founder of the world-renowned UGG Australia brand is a hero's journey and roadmap to success with stories of achievements, failures, lucky breaks, and near disasters

Don’t give fear the upper hand!

Hey, it’s easy to let fear to take the helm and keep you from taking steps to free yourself from a dissatisfying 9-to-5 life.

Fear tells you that you can’t take another path.

Fear whispers in your ear that you can’t possibly figure out a path…

… that if you go for your dreams you won’t be able to feed your family.

Fear is that negative voice you hear in your head that if you succeed your friends will no longer like you, that you won’t look good while learning, or that you’ll be embarrassed if you try something and fail.

What then? (Or maybe I should say… SO WHAT?)

I talk about this topic a lot, too.

It comes up in episode #6 of my podcast. You should listen to it:


You can’t let fear stop you from anything.

If you do, you trample on the rights you have to choose a different path… and the life you really want.

Or maybe you think that the most successful entrepreneurs, business owners, inventors and big brains of the world are never afraid.

No… we all have fear. Even them.

The only difference between them and you is that they learned to control their fears instead of letting their fears control them by acting on their desires anyway.

They made the choice because they have the freedom to do so to stand for something.

So why not you?

Truth is that when we are afraid to stand for something it often means that we feel like we have to give way to what we think… what we’ve been taught since childhood… is the way things are supposed to be.

Is your life the way it’s supposed to be?

Is it the way you want it to be?

If not, you have the freedom to choose something different, to learn something new, and to try out new skills.

But this freedom doesn’t come without sacrifice.

At the end of the day freedom is not free. It costs something.
At the end of the day freedom is not free. It costs something. Click To Tweet
To choose a new way of being, to fulfill your purpose, to do anything…

… to build a new business, to become a real estate investor or literally anything in life means that you will sacrifice something.

But first you have to understand the concept that likely it’s going to be something good that you will sacrifice for the perceived attainment and possibility of attaining the thing you say you want.

Think about this for a minute.

It’s not a sacrifice to throw something you don’t want away!

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You’re going to have to sacrifice all that time you spend on the couch binging on the latest season of Orange is the New Black or engrossing yourself in the latest reality TV shows. (This is just you trying to escape your reality.)

To get what you want in life means maybe you’re going to have to forego watching TV and hanging out with your pals so you can walk the neighborhood putting cards on cars or putting flyers out to find customers.

Believe me… you have the time.


Yes, you do!

The whole concept of not having enough time to attain your goal is wrong. You have plenty of time to do whatever you need to get done.

You have time to work all day and then drive home. You have time to do laundry, feed the kids, clean the house, work on a project in the garage, mow the lawn, and again… watch TV and hang with friends.

We all have the same 24 hours.

How you choose to spend your time is your right… your freedom to choose.

You can’t complain if your life isn’t as you dreamed if you choose to use your time in ways that don’t get you closer to your goals.

Ask yourself an important question…

Is a life filled with purpose greater and more meaningful than a life spending your free time watching TV, playing on Facebook or whatever else that isn’t moving your needle forward?

Now ask yourself another question…

Why do you sell yourself and your time so cheaply… trading your time for money in a J.O.B. every day if you aren’t happy doing it?

That’s a topic I cover in a recent YouTube video. Watch it here:

Passive Income Ideas Video

If you feel enslaved, you are enslaving yourself.

Your thoughts are holding you captive about “what’s not possible” by people in your life or society in general.

Your thoughts are being held captive by Wall Street telling you what you can and cannot do, who can be a rock star, and who can be accepted… or not.

Stop waiting to step in to the greatness that is your God-given right to reach out and take hold of.

You feel trapped? You’re not alone.

It is insane just how trapped we can be mentally, but I understand. I was trapped into the “I can’t do it” mindset once, too. I let the negative voices in my head tell me I’m not smart enough or that I couldn’t possibly do what those successful real estate investors of the world do every day.

Boy, was I ever wrong!

But here’s what I learned…

There is no law that says we can’t do the things others do any day of the week!

You might think you don’t have the right to go out and make offers on properties, but it is your right to do that and so much more!

Step out and take a risk.

You have the right to make lots of offers.

Want to experience real freedom?

  • Simply try.
  • Simply believe.
  • Write an offer.
  • Talk to an investor.

Freedom is not something someone else gives us. It has more to do with our state of being.

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Who we are, what we are, what we choose to do every day… THAT is freedom.

Here’s what I came to realize:

My freedom need not…

…encroach upon another’s,

…be blasted out on TV, or…

…make anyone feel less than simply because I feel free enough to go after my dreams.

You can do exactly as many have done.

You have that choice. You have that freedom.

When we don’t use our freedom of choice when we really want to change things in our lives then we trample on the concepts on which this country was founded!

God created us each to have free will; our forefathers ensured that we have opportunities in this country that others do not have.

This is exactly why we need to conquer our fears… especially what we most fear. That’s what we have to tackle first.

We think some third party, some boss, someone else holds us back.

That is SO NOT TRUE.

If you can’t exercise your faith and override your fear, get out there and make offers, talk to investors, fix the house to flip or rent it out, and if you can’t provide clean, safe, affordable housing, guess what?

You don’t get to blame others.

You have the freedom to do all of these things… even if you don’t know how to do everything YET.

You can learn new skills. You have that choice, too.

Maybe you just need a little luck:

  • Laboring
  • Under
  • Correct
  • Knowledge

In the early days of my podcast I covered this topic in hopes of inspiring you. The topic comes up a lot, even in my live events. Here’s one for you…


Developing LUCK is pretty easy these days.

You have so many free educational opportunities online, in blog pieces and articles, in podcasts, on YouTube and countless websites that there is literally no excuse you can use that makes it okay not to choose to move forward.

Do something.

Take action.

Keep moving forward.

Let freedom ring!

10 words

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