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How One Student Earned Over $85,000 in Just Four Months!

Thinking about becoming a wholesaler?

Excellent idea.

Just ask Hayya Lee of Washington, DC, who grossed $87,000 in four months wholesaling properties!

That was at the end of 2014, and she didn’t stop there. In fact, Hayya’s still going strong… and we salute her!

So what makes her such a supercharged income earner?

During training in June of 2014 Hayya embraced moving at the speed of instruction… in a big way.

“I made an offer two days after I started the Cash Flow Diary Deals at Discounts [wholesaling] Course,” explains Hayya. “In fact, that first call that I eventually wrote the offer on came one day before I cracked open the course. Thankfully there was guidance in the course on what to do next.”

Hayya says that the first deal didn’t go smoothly, but that’s okay. (We do our first deals to learn and the rest for profit!)

“Within the first six weeks I had my first property under contract,” says Hayya. “There were lots of ups and downs, but we stuck it out and kept brainstorming solutions. It closed two and a half months later [in October] and earned $8,000. Because of all we learned from that one, the next deals went much faster and were much bigger. Between October and December we grossed more than $85,000!”


Hayya exemplifies the type of student that thrives during and after Cash Flow Diary courses, because she came to learn, and then tried everything she learned immediately. That’s always part of the homework.

Those who do their homework in Cash Flow Diary courses do a whole lot better financially. It’s fun when we get to watch it happen.

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So… what does Hayya say about wholesaling?

“Even if you are fearful, do the work! Don’t just think about doing it…DO IT and DO IT NOW! Resist the urge to try to get everything into its perfect place before you take action. There is never going to be a perfect time, you are going to make mistakes, you will come face to face with your fears and how you have been getting in your own way.”

Hayya adds, “Face the fear, welcome it and own it. This is your life and if you truly want it to be different, you need to take concrete steps to make it happen. No one else can do that for you, no matter how much they love and care about you.”

What’s really great is that Hayya didn’t just manage her fears… she also learned a very important fact about how we learn… in steps. She also learned that she wasn’t going to look good while doing something new!

“Take things one step at a time and you will soon find that you are off and running,” says Hayya. “Oh, and those mistakes… they accelerate your learning! Don't try to pretend that you haven't made or won't make mistakes. Just be honest with yourself, don't make excuses and MOVE!”

She says that when you start in this business you can’t shrink back from obstacles, but instead meet them head-on and find a way to get over/through/around them.

“Like J. always says, find problems to solve!”

Hayya is one smart cookie.

She adds, “Find problems that seem unsolvable that no one else wants to solve. You will eliminate most of your competition (because too many people think it's hard) and make lots of money because you were willing to go where no one else would.”

Hayya says working with someone else on your first deals is also a good idea.

“It was helpful to have a partner to work through that first project with. We worked well together and spent lots of time talking through the problems and brainstorming solutions. Partnering with someone else can be great on a project-by-project basis.”
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Hayya’s enthusiasm is contagious.

Action-stepper Hayya Lee says there were a few twists, turns and delays in her first deal, but she’s glad she and her partner stuck with it.

“Some delays were due to the buyer having to wait for his funds,” she explains. “The seller got cold feet a few times, too. My partner and I learned many crucial lessons while doing that first deal. It was tough, but we were able to do it because our skills complemented each other’s.”

Hayya says that if she were to explain that first deal in complete detail, she would need to write a book. Long story sort of short, the buyer called her partner based on a bandit sign that read: We buy houses.

“The caller was in her upper 50s and lived in a condo,” says Hayya. “She wanted out of her home because her commute was over one hour each way, she was getting older and she had health issues that were being exacerbated by her long commute. She wanted out in the worst way!”

One challenge was that the condos were worth less than many owners' mortgages because of the market failure a few years ago. This seller, however, had doubled up on her payments and what she owed was close to the value of the condo.

“We asked her to pay a few thousand dollars to bring her mortgage balance slightly lower, and then we structured a wholesale deal where we put the condo under contract and then assigned the contract for our fee,” adds Hayya.

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Hayya learned to handle challenges.

“Another challenge with that development was the high condo fees, which was a deterrent for several buyers who were otherwise interested. We found a buyer who wanted it at all costs, and though the deal took longer than expected, we successfully closed. This was a nail-biter deal, because at the closing table the seller got cold feet yet again. What was meant to be a 30-minute closing took four hours. I got to practice my communication skills, and I was able to talk the seller off the ledge.”

Hayya dove head first into training, because she says she couldn’t wait to start the course.

“I jumped at the opportunity to study with J. Massey in his wholesaling course because I have wanted to get involved in real estate investing ever since I was a teenager,” she says. “My parents always impressed upon my siblings and me how valuable real estate is, and that we should strive to acquire property as a means of creating a stable financial life.”

She adds, “I was fortunate enough to listen in on a webinar hosted by John Assaraf, where J. was one of the guests. I loved the fact that he was very transparent about his own journey. J. was very clear about what he had and didn't have, and what it took to get to where he is right now.”

Hayya took action steps.

She says she trusted her intuition and that what she was getting from J. in her first encounter with him as a trainer was someone who was sincere, knowledgeable and who truly wanted to share what he learned with others so that they could also benefit.

“That very night, I bought J's book in electronic format. (It hadn't even been released in hardcover yet!) I devoured it. The information J. offered was exactly what I needed and wanted at exactly the right moment.”

Hayya took her education seriously. That makes a huge difference in the experience from both ends of the educational table. It can bring success to you as a student much more rapidly.

“My life has dramatically changed because of what J. taught me,” says Hayya. “The most dramatic shift has been my whole belief system around financial abundance and its accessibility. Because of the work that I've done in this program, I now have a sense of ease when it comes to money.”
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Hayya says money is energy.

She also says knowing that means she can generate it whenever she needs to, because she now knows exactly how to make that happen.

“I did not have this awareness before,” adds Hayya. “It's a subtle shift, but also earth shattering at the same time. Before taking this course, I felt like I had to chase money to get it and now it is the opposite. Now I feel that all I have to do is stay open to it, be positive, stay grounded and it will flow to me.”

Hayya didn’t always have this killer real estate investor mindset. Just a year before she took Cash Flow Diary training, she was going in another direction.

“In September of 2013, I enrolled in a real estate salesperson licensing course and received my license that November,” explains Hayya. “I thought that that was the only way that I could get involved in investing… until I happened upon John Assaraf's webinar and heard what J. had to say. Then it was go time. I immediately took steps to start learning.”

Though Hayya could invest anywhere… and not just in her own back yard… she prefers to stick close to home, because she also runs a consulting and coaching business in DC.

“I invest in Prince George's County in Maryland,” says Hayya. “I'm also an entrepreneur. Prior to starting my real estate investing business, I launched a personal coaching business for entrepreneurs and executives. That was in 2010. I still run both businesses full time. I love the freedom and growth that being an entrepreneur offers.”

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Hayya loves what she does as a real estate entrepreneur!

When asked what fascinates her about real estate investing, Hayya has a lot to say.

“I’ve wanted to be a real estate investor since I was a teenager in high school,” she explains. “My high school neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, was surrounded by several boarded-up brownstones. I remember saying to my dad that ‘I wish I had the money to buy them.'”

She adds that had she known about wholesaling back then, she probably would have.

“That neighborhood is now – and has been for the last several years – one of the hottest in Brooklyn! Those same brownstones have been bought up and are now worth millions of dollars each. If only I could go back in time to snag them with the knowledge I now have…”

Hayya also says she just at the beginning of her life as an investor and looks forward to learning a whole lot more.

“As I am still in the early stages of my investing life, I am focusing on wholesaling,” she says. “My intention is to continue to wholesale in addition to becoming a buy-and-hold investor. My market is in the Washington, DC, area where land values are high. Someone looking from the outside in may say that it's impossible to do deals in an area where real estate prices are so high, but I wholeheartedly disagree with that!”

In fact, Hayya is living proof that we should not listen to Negative Nellies who tell us we can’t do deals in high-dollar areas. In fact, we shouldn’t listen to any negative input from anyone in our lives!

“I focus on single family homes and condominium units in residential areas that were once in their prime, faced a downturn and are now on the cusp of a resurgence,” Hayya says with a big smile.

“What characterizes the neighborhood that I'm currently focusing in is that it is in very close commuting proximity to key professional centers, such as downtown DC and northern Virginia, and easily accessible to major highways in and out of the area. Additionally, the neighborhood is family-oriented and a considerable amount of the population is over 65 years old, so they are downsizing or their family members are now dealing with estate issues.”

As you can see, Hayya does her homework. She knows her Investor Identity and exactly what type of properties she wants to invest in. That is a winning formula. You can help a lot more people when you have Hayya’s level of clarity.

She says that her only regret is that she didn’t start sooner.


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