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Focused Energy is BETTER than Energy Dispersed!

When I jumped into the real estate investor pool, it was not without fear. However, I learned to combat my fears through focusing on the end goal. There was no turning back. It literally was at that time in my life sink or swim! I would have to choose the best way FOR ME to do real estate. At first, this scared me because I was afraid that if I were to choose just one way to do deals that I’d miss out on other opportunities. However, I would learn that I was wrong. By focusing on wholesaling, I found plenty of opportunities. I made a decision – which if you look the word up in the dictionary it means “to cut off” other options – to be the best wholesaler I could possibly be.

Making this kind of choice is sort of like marriage. To be happily married (like I am – thank you, Popi) you must choose the best mate. Fortunately, I chose really well. My wife is a wonderful person and very supportive of what I do. In fact, she helps me. She is and always has been a part of my journey. However, I couldn’t say that had I not made a choice to cut off options in the dating community to choose to focus in on finding a great wife!

In real estate I chose to be a wholesaler. It appealed to me, and because I enjoy the process of finding properties, sellers and buyers, it fit me well. In my first four months as a real estate investor, after I took intensive training, I had done more than a dozen wholesale deals! It was thrilling. I remember thinking that I had made more in those short months than I had the whole year prior. I couldn’t believe it some days. I still have one of the first houses, too. I remember literally looking over my shoulder after that deal thinking someone would come and take it away from me. But then if you know my story, you know I was at the time squatting in bank-owned property (formerly known as my family’s primary residence).

So how did I achieve this “amazing” feat? Step by step and with the right information that I received from courses in real estate investing. Oh, and by immediately applying what I learned. By that I mean quite literally immediately. If I heard that something would work, I’d try it at break time. If it did, excellent; if not, I had lots of questions for the guy who just told me it would!

You might wonder how much time I devoted to my new skills. You might also expect me to say I spent tons of time and every waking hour on achieving my goals. But that’s not realistic. I couldn’t put so much time in at that point due to several factors in my life. The truth is that I started with TWO hours a day on my new chosen path and then added time to more activities around real estate that would bring me results. Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to know that even if you have a full-time job RIGHT NOW, you can enter real estate investing. It’s something you will get better and better at until you can replace your income with what you earn as a wholesaler and investor. It’s called CASH FLOW and it comes to you in a variety of ways.

You will have to first learn and then earn. As you learn, put the information and knowledge to use immediately. That’s called learning at the Speed of Instruction! You will dedicate a certain amount of time each and every day to activities that support your new path… YOUR NEW CHOICE. One day it may be making calls; another it will be attending networking events; another it will be looking for properties. For me in the beginning, I spent a lot of time putting information cards on cars. It’s a little boring, yes, but I didn’t let that stop me. Plus, I’d pop my ear buds in and listen to audio books and podcasts on business and real estate. That’s one of the reasons I started my Cash Flow Diary podcasts… to give others the motivation, instruction and insight that I needed when I started and couldn’t quite find a lot of helpful podcasts. But then, at that time, podcasts were kind of new. After all, that was about seven years ago!

Here’s another tip. Monitor your daily rhythms. There is a scientific term for it called “Circadian rhythm,” but what I mean is that you will be better at doing certain tasks at specific times in the day. Some of us are great at math tasks in the morning; some are better with math at night. Some of us get moving early; some of us are night owls. For me, I do my best work and I’m my most productive in the early morning and late at night. In the middle of the day, I push myself. And that’s good. That’s what we all need to do. Understand our rhythms and then push ourselves to do our best always.

To get myself over my mid-day hump, I added coaching calls and recording podcast episodes and videos. Now I consistently work every day, all day. I also have a team to support me, and they work much the same. The result is fantastic growth! In fact, I’m astounded by the growth of my real estate business and I am grateful for the life I have today! It took a lot of work to get here, and it’s gonna take a lot more work to get to my next big goal and the next after that.

It starts with a belief in your choice and a shift in your mindset to get to any goal. I talk about this in my book. If you haven’t pre-ordered it yet, get a free sample. Text the word “sample” to 949-682-3565. You’ll receive the first two parts to my book, Cash Flow Diary: 10 Steps to Creating Wealth in Any Economy! I hope it helps you make the choice to join me as a real estate investor. Moreover, it is meant to inspire you to take action, no matter what your goals might be.


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