Change is constant. And it can sometimes be unsettling. In fact, it’s very likely that it will be unsettling. 

However, our perception of change has a lot to do with how well we adjust to that change.

Everything we are going through at this particular moment in time is not necessarily unprecedented. 

If you disagree, hear me out. 

It’s happening to more people simultaneously than ever before, and we’re more connected than ever before, but it’s not unprecedented.

The world has changed before, and businesses have either failed or gotten stronger.

How has the world already changed in your lifetime? Well, remember video stores? Every video store is out of business today because of digital streaming. They couldn’t adapt, couldn’t reinvent themselves, and they no longer exist.

When Starbucks moved into neighborhoods, other coffee shops went out of business, because they refused to change, to become what people wanted and needed.

We’re in a similar situation now, but with all businesses on a global scale. 

So, what steps can we take TODAY to tailor our own personal road map that will get us through this turbulent time—and in the months and years to come?

Adopt an Infinite Mindset 

Author/Leader/Entrepreneur Simon Sinek has coined what he calls an “infinite mindset” or the “infinite game.” 

A business with a finite mindset is inflexible, stays the same, refuses to adapt to a changing world.

A business with an infinite mindset is willing to change and adapt and reinvent itself in the face of a changing world with changing rules.

In a recent Zoom call with his team, Simon said the question is not: how do we keep doing what we’re doing? But: How will we do what we’re doing in a different world? 

Because, believe me, the world is different today than it was just two weeks ago.

But you and your company CAN come out stronger at the end of this. If you haven’t had an infinite mindset before this, NOW is the time to start.

Simon says that those with a finite mindset are in survival mode right now, while those with an infinite mindset are in reinvention mode. 

The question is not: How are we going to get through this? 

It’s: How are we going to change to get through this?

He says it’s time to ask ourselves: 

How can we contribute in a new way? 

How will we bring our messages to people in new ways?

What will we become?

Do you have an infinite mindset when it comes to your life, your family, your business? If not, you can’t waste another moment thinking finitely.

Keep Your Why, But Reinvent Your Business

Another thing I learned from Simon years ago when I read one of his books called Start With Why was just that: what is the why behind what I do?

Your why shouldn’t change. Your why should stand the test of time—and global pandemics. 

But the question is: How can I keep my why while reinventing my how?

How we do what we do is being challenged. Many of us find ourselves in a position where we have an opportunity to reinvent, to innovate.

This will NOT be easy, but the alternative (hunker down with my stack of cash and wait for it to be over) isn’t going to work. 

Your business—YOU—must still solve a problem. We can’t sit around and wait, thinking things will stay the same. That attitude is not survivable.

We don’t know how long this will last, so we don’t know how much it will cost. Even if everything was fixed today, it will still take years for certain things to become normal, to become something people will be willing to do.

Example: If we don’t have protective armor—like a vaccine for this virus—are we going to congregate in big groups at the movie theater?

So many things will get distributed differently. This is true for everything everywhere. Even grocery stores. Right now, we’re waiting in line outside. There are markers on the floor to keep people spaced apart. 

We’re adapting.

Think about the sheer quantity of senior citizens who, for the first time in their lives, are using Instacart. They were forced to use it, but they’ve gotten into the habit now. When things go back to “normal,” will they shop in stores again? Maybe, maybe not. 

What about the school system? How will it change as a result of this? Start preparing your kids that school will look vastly different. Schools are germ factories, with kids packed in close to each other all day long. They may have more classes online going forward. 

One thing I heard from a teacher friend is that, during a recent Zoom call, for the first time, she could see all of her students’ faces at once. No one was at the back of the class goofing off when the teacher had her back turned. This was a good change, in her opinion.

Everything is changing. And we’re adapting to it. We create the new tools we need and adapt to our new environment.

Change is gonna come. How will you adapt? 

You can choose not to, but not adapting does not lend itself well to survival.

What new talents and/or skills are you going to add to the marketplace? As you gain new skills, you’re preparing for the new version of the marketplace that’s coming. There will always be a marketplace, an economy. We will always find ways to buy/sell/trade with each other.

Ask yourself: In this new marketplace, what will I be?

It’s like a fresh chance to answer an age-old question: What do I want to be when I grow up?

See Change as a Magical Opportunity

Like I said, your perception of change is everything. What if, instead of fearing change, you looked at it as a magical opportunity?

For one thing, we are all in this together. We really are. And that’s comforting.

We’re all at the starting line together now. What are we going to do with this fresh start? Some of us will get there faster, do a better job of adapting—those of us who have had an infinite mindset all along.

The information online is already exploding—and will continue to explode. People who previously spent their time speaking on stages to crowds of people are going to be making videos in their living room.

What a magical opportunity for people in the industry of video editing, right? 

And what a magical time to take the bull by the horns and learn that skill. 

The businesses reinventing themselves will thrive.

Take my short-term rental business, for example. Who needs a place to live right now? Maybe an essential worker lives with a grandma at risk. One of them needs to relocate, right? And I can help with that. I can meet that need. My why still stands.

It’s a matter of learning how to get in front of the people who have the need. That is the challenge of the hour. 

You can do this. We can do this. 

If you’re willing to adopt an infinite mindset, reinvent your business, and see the magical opportunities in the change all around you, you are going to ride out this global pandemic and be ahead of the game.

And you don’t have to wait another minute to get started.


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