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How To Start An Airbnb Business And Become an Airbnb Host: 3 Things You Should Do First

When You Become an Airbnb Host, You're Now In The Hospitality Business – Start Thinking That Way

One of the most important things to understand is that, as an Airbnb host, you are in the hospitality business. You need to constantly be thinking about the experience that your guests are going to have once they walk through the door.

Now obviously, depending on where you live, part of their experience is what's outside the door. That's great, that might have attracted them to the area. But what you want to figure out is what's going to attract them to your Airbnb location.

The first question that you need to ask yourself is…

“Whom do I wish to serve?”

Once you understand who your ideal Airbnb guest is, you'll be better equipped to go out there and create an experience specifically tailored for them.

For example, a family with children might not choose an Airbnb with stairs or a high rise balcony because it could become a risk factor for their small children. Details like that can have a significant impact on who chooses to stay at your location. 

On the flipside, maybe you don't wish to serve any families with kids whatsoever. In that case, you probably don't mind picking places with stairs or using a high rise piece of real estate that has a balcony – because those features will attract a particular type of couple or individual who's traveling.

Really Understand Your Airbnb Guest’s Expectations & How Much Time Can You Dedicate To Serving Your Business

How much time do you actually have to commit to serving your Airbnb guests?

You must remember that not only is the work in obtaining the reservation, it's also in servicing the person once they arrive. 

As such, think about your customer’s expectations. 

A great example of service outside of the Airbnb world would be stores like Walmart, Target, and Nordstrom. Each of those stores sell similar products. They also each come with a different level of expectation for the product quality and customer service. 

Do you want to be in the Nordstrom-level of quality and customer service? Then you need to assess your general area and create the high-quality listing and Airbnb business that you want to run. 

When you are going down the high-quality route, it may require more hands-on time. For example, one option to consider with a high-quality service is a concierge. Who's going to do that? 

Who's going to pick up your guests at the airport… make sure that they have a local phone number to call… be able to get directions… find that restaurant reservation… or make those extra arrangements that they just might need on their behalf?

Anticipating what your Airbnb customer is expecting and delivering above that expectation is crucial. This is the number-one way to protect your five-star rating and make sure that you get future business from the same person.

Stay In An Airbnb Similar To The Business You Want To Build Before You Dive In

Let someone else serve you first.

I know you may have stayed at a bed and breakfast or hotel before, but it is completely different when you actually go and experience your vision for yourself. 

When you have a new guest, their experience starts immediately at the interface of the platform they found you on – whether it’s through your website or the app. 

Consider testing this on multiple platforms. Meaning, literally book a reservation on each and every platform that you intend to be a part of. That way you can understand what your guest is experiencing. 

This process will give you a leg up over your competitors that are also on that same platform. 

Find a place to stay in your local area – even if it's just for one night – and observe everything from the experience. 

What did the photos look like? What was the name of the location that got your attention? What were the words in the description that actually mattered to you? How did the directions get to you? How did you pick up the keys? Most importantly – how was your reservation experience? 

Bottom line – your Airbnb business is a service of experience. You want to make your location one of the highlights of your clients’ travel. Once you’ve fully embodied these three preparatory steps, you will have a distinct competitive advantage before you even make your first listing. 

Now that you’re ready to start your Airbnb business, head over to my YouTube channel to learn more about what’s next.

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