Super Easy Simple Way For Someone To Call You Back In Business

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Stop talking to voicemails and begin to connect with your prospects directly.

There's at least one proven strategy to get your phone calls returned when prospecting.

Just chime into human curiosity.

Video Transcript

Hi, Jay Massey here with the with another quick tip about business and real estate.

Are you tired of never having your phone calls returned? Like when you're out there making calls and you leave messages and you don't get calls back? Doesn't that, like, drain you? How would you like to know a fool-proof way of making sure that people call you back?

Because maybe you're like me and you've noticed that you can't exactly sell a product to a voicemail service. You actually need to talk to a person.

So here's the idea. Here's the concept.

Let's make sure we talk to people – and leverage the fact that we're naturally curious human beings.

Here's what you're going to do.

The next time you are tempted to leave a message, this is the message I want you to leave. This is exactly what I want you to say, and nothing more.


So let's pretend for a second you're dialing a phone number. You hear it ring. The phone picks up and you hear the message and the beep plays. This is what you're going to say.

You're going to say, ‘Hi Bob. This is Jay. It's about Friday, 8:00 PM, phone number is
35714-455-1212. I just wanted to make sure that you got the information about. . .'

And then you're going to hang up the phone. That's right. You're going to hang up the phone in mid-sentence. Now, let's think about that for a second. Why would I tell you to do that? I would tell you to do that because in this day and age how often has a phone been disconnected while leaving a voice mail? Especially if it's a cell phone? You ever have a dropped call? What happens? Who calls back?

That's right. You call back. So what do you think the person on the other end is likely to assume? They're likely to assume that the call was dropped. But you left your name.

You left your phone number, the date and the time. That's all you need to leave. And then they call you back. Give it a try and see what happens. I've taught this particular technique at many, many of my different events. And what I find often times is that people will try it during a lunch break or a bathroom break with people and prospects they haven't heard from in a long, long time. They try it once and that person calls back during the lunch break because they're all curious about what is going on and what happened and the phone disconnected – and here's the point.

You just want to talk to people so that you can find out what it is that they want so that you can serve them. And we can't serve them unless they talk to us. If you like information like this, and you want to know more information on how to increase your sales and make sure that you are actually going to get the results that you're looking for, check us out on

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Looking forward to seeing you soon.