It’s not that Yellow Letters won’t work… they just don’t work well and they don’t serve a long-term marketing purpose. A Yellow Letter doesn’t stay in front of the buyers, investors and sellers to whom you are sending the letter. Further, the letter doesn’t indoctrinate, engage or keep your services and offers at the forefront of anyone’s mind.It is sent and you are done until your next mailing.

What works really, really well is online marketing… a.k.a., digital marketing. If you don’t think so, watch this video…

You’ll see some of the actual digital marketing stats for Cash Flow Diary! That’s the thing you’re missing when you use Yellow Letters, because when you send those out you don’t get anyone to join your database. That means you can’t stay in touch with them, you can’t invite them to do anything more with you, you can’t track data.

You’ll also learn in this video ways to do digital marketing that works… and that you can track. In fact, this is the same information that will help you do better in all areas of real estate investing. For example, if you want to raise hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in private capital so you don’t have to use your own cash and credit in your deals, you need to embrace digital marketing because that’s the way to continually attract buyers, investors and sellers to you vs. chasing them down.

Whether you are new to real estate entrepreneurship and investing or you’ve been doing it a long time, you need digital marketing strategies that work to keep buyers, investors and sellers engaged with your vision. It’s all about leveraging the relationships you are building.

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