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Wondering What To Do When the U.S. Dollar Collapse? Read This!

There IS an answer that puts you in control!

Notice I didn’t say “if” the U.S. dollar collapses. Without jumping on the doomsday bandwagon, I have to say that I agree with many of the financial experts who say that it truly is a matter of time before our dollar collapses.

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This concept may be a little scary and that’s why I’m devoting a 3-part series to how to protect yourself in ANY economy. My friend Simon Black always has a lot to say about this topic. I recently had the honor of presenting on stage at his Global Offshore and Investment Summit in Cancun. The list of presenters included some pretty big names in real estate investing, thought leadership and entrepreneurialism. Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, Dr. Marc Faber, Jim Rickards and Peter Schiff were among them. According to Simon’s head count, 375 people attended the event.

There was never a dull moment as every presenter had something fresh to say about the benefits of global investing. This got me thinking that there’s a lot to say about investing outside the U.S. and how to protect yourself no matter what happens to the economy.

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Why should you care?

With all that’s going on with the questionable practices of our government and its decisions that are clearly not for the benefit of the public of which it’s supposed to serve, we’re in the eye of what can only be called a perfect storm blowing and howling its way to our financial shores to wreak havoc on our way of life and liberties.

Are you prepared to be in a position to not just survive but thrive if a meltdown happens? I have a solution that gives you a path to security, no matter what. It’s called Real Estate Investing and it works really, really well to provide you not just with cashflow but also the security you need in times of trouble.

According to recent statistics, the government is spending $6.3 billion (yes, with a “B”) more per day than it takes in. That’s pretty scary stuff. You don’t have to be an investor to understand what’s going on. The debt drives the value of the dollar.

In short, we’re in trouble and it doesn’t appear that any superheroes are going to swoop down and save us from the impending financial meltdown. Fortunately, we can put ourselves in the position to do well.

This isn’t gloom and doom.

It’s tough not to be a little gloomy about the life-altering storm that creeps ever closer to our homes, our families, our lives and our financial well-being. Spend just 20 minutes online researching the topic and alarms will go off in your head.

You’ll find all sorts of charts and graphs to prove the point and predictions of the experts and financial gurus. I respect many of these individuals, because they can explain the how’s and why’s behind the coming collapse of the U.S. dollar.

These same smart people also provide lists of things we can do to help protect ourselves against the devastating effects of the collapse. On most of the lists you will find that Investing in Real Estate is recommended as a big cushion against the effects of the collapse of the U.S. (or any) dollar. But they don’t usually go into much explanation.

There are fast ways to get into Real Estate Investing that require zero of your own cash or credit. Wholesaling is a start, but you can learn other strategies beyond that in this series.

How could the collapse happen in the first place?

The first domino fell a very long time ago. Decades ago. That domino was forcibly nudged toward topple by the hands of the true decision-makers at the helm of our country (those who might benefit the most when bad things happen in the financial sector).

To combat the effects of the Great Depression, the long recessions and now what experts avoid calling a Present-Day Depression, more money was printed, more dominoes toppled, and then more money was printed and so on until we reached the point at which we are today. It isn’t as complicated to understand as one might think.

Who didn’t the Depressions affect?


Those who invested in Real Estate weren’t nearly as affected as the general population! That’s why I want to share with you what my clients and associates call my “ninja secrets” to Real Estate Investing and how you can jump in quick, earn big money and then keep going to own as many cashflowing properties you desire. Your new knowledge starts with this blog series, but I invite you to learn more. And learn quickly. Check out our Cashflow Core Membership.

This is not our nation’s first time!

Did you know that the same articles we read today about the impending economic collapse are eerily similar to those that appeared several years ago? And decades before that?

Do some homework. Research the topic and see how far back the articles go. There are too many to count. I’m going to take that as a good sign. At least it makes me think we might have more time than the experts would have us believe.

Here’s the good news… You can protect yourself and your family against collapse. I can tell you that I’ll be fine; my family will be fine. My Real Estate Investor friends and associates will be fine. We’ll be able to help lots and lots of people whether the dollar means much or not, too. You will understand more when you read the other pieces in this 3-part blog series.

After that, maybe you’ll see the tremendous value in becoming an investor and will want to be a part of our community. We’ve made it pretty easy. You just have to sign up for the Cashflow Core Membership. We’re sure you’ll want to stay. The network is made of real-life investors at all levels.

You’ll see a lot of articles written by very smart people that tell you to buy gold and silver, to diversify into commodities, purchase other countries’ currencies and securities, and other things. (I won’t even go into the doomsdayers’ bunkers and food hoarding or the theories of the survivalists. I’ve never been the outdoorsy type.)

While these ideas are good, they don’t fall within my areas of expertise. Mine is in Real Estate Investing. I am a Real Estate Investor, which means I am protected no matter what happens to the dollar.

Investing in Real Estate offers protection.

Let’s look back at the Great Depression of the 1930s. It lasted a long time after the crash of Wall Street. Families were tossed out of their homes, lost their farms, men couldn’t get hired and couldn’t feed their families, bread lines and soup lines were long, and the average person was lost in the fray.

Those who had made their wealth by investing in stocks lost everything. Those who worked typical jobs lost everything. Those who owned Real Estate fared a whole lot better. In fact, they could help people through their Real Estate holdings. These people were landlords or could become landlords. Not only could they put a roof over their family’s heads, but they could also provide housing to others.

These landlords could barter with people who needed a place to live. The Great Depression is only one example of property and landowners coming out on top in devastating financial times.

If we had a way-back machine we could take a trip to the Dark Ages. That’s where we started hearing the term “landlord,” which means literally the lord of the land… the guy whose castle overlooks the peasants’ mud-and-straw homes.

Back then, there wasn’t such a thing as a “mortgage payment.” Yes, there were the king’s harsh taxes, but between the landlord and the people who lived, worked, played and were eventually laid to rest on his lands there was just an agreement. Without a long history lesson, if the people wanted to live on the landlord’s land, a cost was involved. A value was placed on traded goods and services.

The “tenants” were farming, raising animals, making clothing and goods, and they provided much-needed services that the landlord could use. After all, he needs to eat and feed his family up in the castle. He needs nice clothes, and he needs household help.

The landlord could take a percentage of all crops raised on his lands. He would take a percentage of all the meat slaughtered for consumption, eggs hatched and bread made, household goods created and, yes, even a percentage of whatever currency the villagers earn from their efforts down in the village. A fair landlord would have been a benefit to the people, because they would have a place to live, work, play and lay… something we all need.

Right now you might be saying, “That’s great. But I don’t have money to invest so I can become a landlord.” WRONG. You don’t need any. When I first started in real estate I couldn’t scrape together $75, and that didn’t stop me. I had what I needed between my ears to do deals and in short time to become a landlord.

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Why you want to be the landlord…

For argument’s sake, let’s say the dollar has collapsed. Worldwide panic and chaos have taken a stronghold. If our dollar falls the world is in for an absolute shock-and-awe experience. It truly will be awful for you and your loved ones… unless you own property.

Think about it. What if all the pretty dollar bills in your bank account are frozen? You can’t get to them. The money you stuffed into your mattress is great… as kindling. You might have silver and gold to trade for goods and services, but things won’t be the same as before. You won’t be running up to your local Wal-Mart or favorite market with a pocket full of gold nuggets when you run out of milk, bread and eggs. (It is projected that a carton of eggs could cost as much as $15.)

Other countries’ money if you invested in it might be okay… if you live in those countries. The long and short of this tale is that you’ll be in trouble if you saw the meltdown coming and didn’t invest in Real Estate.

Learn how to become a Real Estate Investor and earn great money quickly. You want to be prepared, right? Let me teach you what you need to know. Start by reading the other posts in my 3-part blog series. Then get involved with the Cashflow Community. Sign up to be a Cashflow Core Member.. You won’t find a better offer.

Investing in Real Estate means you hold the biggest bargaining chips when the U.S. dollar collapses. You need the right knowledge first. There’s no time like the present to learn how to do deals as a Real Estate Investor. It’s NOW O’clock.

You can start your new journey to put yourself in the position to protect yourself and your family against an impending economic collapse.

Or you can learn to raise and shear sheep, keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best in the troubled times ahead.

Why not take your first step to protecting yourself in any financial crisis? Check out our Cashflow Core Membership and see what you think. You’ll see that you have access to several courses that can literally change your life. I always recommend starting with learning how to wholesale properties, because that is the absolute fastest path to $10K a month as a Real Estate Investor. Then you can move on to the higher-level courses. You may not though. You might like “flipping” properties so much that you stay there. You can earn six figures your first year. At least that’s what happened to me, and it’s happening right now for others taking our courses.

Remember to read the other two posts in this controversial 3-part blog series!!

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