The short answer is RIGHT NOW…

But before we get into that, let’s talk about some of the things that might be stopping you from starting.

So, I did a Periscope on the subject recently. Give it your attention for just a few minutes…

The number-one reason to not get started in anything new is FEAR.

FEAR is a terrible four-letter word!!

Fear is the number-one biggest reason for anyone not to take even their first steps into real estate entrepreneurship or anything else for that matter!

One of the best quotes I ever heard was about how everyone had fears… so what? Do “it” anyway!

It’s true. Everyone has fear. Pushing past them to gets to your goals is something you have to learn to do. It’s all about controlling your emotional responses.

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This is a big topic in the world. Do a YouTube search and you’ll find all sorts of big-name motivational gurus who will tell you that we all have fears and that your feelings get in the way of your success.

Hey, it’s true.

But FEAR is just one four-letter word that’s holding you back. There are other four-letter words that you can use as excuses… and five-letter words and whole phrases.

I’m betting I’ve heard every excuse in the book and then some as to why people don’t get involved in real estate investing… and none of them hold water.

Here are a few other excuses you might be using that hold you back…

Lack of knowledge

No one starts out doing something new knowing how to do it. You are going to make mistakes. That’s for sure. But that’s okay. In fact, you have to make mistakes. Our education system and how we were trained up in our lives tells us we have to do things perfectly, pass tests, do things right the first time, etc. But in the world of entrepreneurs that just is not the case. Remember this… Every master was once a disaster!

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All it takes is the right education. In today’s world, you can learn more on YouTube than you can in most universities. Plus, universities don’t typically teach things that entrepreneurs need to know to succeed. (Universities teach us to get a good education within the confines of their campuses and then go get a good 9-to-5 J-O-B, where oddly enough you will be learning what you should have learned in school in the first place while typically getting paid very little to do so.)

Here’s a link to an article stored in the archives of the Way-Back Machine of our blog. Unless you’ve been a part of Cash Flow Diary for a long time, you might have missed this one. It’s certainly not a pretty article, but the point about education is made clearly…


Lack of cash

Whew, that’s one I hear a lot!! But guess what? You don’t need even one solid dime of your own money to do transactions in real estate. Seriously, it’s called creative acquisitions and creative financing, and we real estate entrepreneurs do it all the time.

One of the number-one things I love to teach other people how to do is raise private capital for all their deals. First, because they think it’s so impossible that it’s fun to say “I told you so.” Second, because it’s really fun to see them succeed even faster than they thought they could at raising private money.

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It boils down to using 10 little words followed by two more to get conversations with investors started. Then it takes setting appointments for further conversation. Then it takes knowing a little about how to structure deals. None of this is “difficult.” It’s just something you may not understand how to do… YET.

That’s a topic I’ve covered a lot, because once I learned how to access OPM (other people’s money) for my deals, my whole world opened up. So of course I want to share, share, share about how you can do it, too.

If you’ve never read an article on our blog on this site, start with this one. (Then keep going. You want great education? These articles are written to educate.)



Oh, boy! That’s one that certainly stops people short from their dreams. They see other people doing things they want to do and somehow think that they themselves can’t achieve the same goals. That’s crazy talk. It just takes action steps, baby steps or just your first step.

Think about it this way…

Picture yourself standing at the edge of a swimming pool on a hot day and you really, really want to dive in. But you don’t. Something keeps you from jumping in. You are full of fear that the water is going to be cold or you doubt the water is going to be just right, so you just keep standing there.

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Meanwhile, you see other people jumping in and, boy, they sure look like they’re having fun. Yet that little voice in your head… that doubtful, horrid little voice… keeps telling you that the water’s cold and scary. It’s not. That’s just the voice.

Tell it to shut and jump in already. (Oh, and stop being envious of others who have jumped in and are having a great time of it.)

This is such an important topic that I did a whole series of articles on doubt and other things that hold you back. And I did a podcast episode on it, too. If you didn’t get a chance to get to that one, here it is…


I don’t know how to find deals

Um, that’s not the first thing you need to focus on, so that’s a really bad excuse. Deals are always, always, always out there… no matter what the market or economy is doing, no matter any reason you can come up with. (Hint: You need buyers and investors first. And if you don’t understand that you need to browse the other articles and videos on this website.)

Go here to learn a little more about deals and why that’s a sad excuse for not moving forward…


I’m not good at “sales”

Okay… no lie. It requires a little salesmanship (i.e., being a good communicator) to do this thing called being an entrepreneur. But guess what? It is not SALES; it is simply having conversations and actually listening to other people so you can solve their problems through what you’re doing.

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This one might be tough to get your mind around, so here’s a very quick video on this subject…

No time

I’ll step into the greatest meant for me WHEN the kids are out of school, WHEN I have more time, WHEN Monday is here, WHEN the moons are aligned throughout the universe…

That “when” thing is something you need to dump. It’s just a way for you to procrastinate. What you need to ask yourself is WHY you procrastinate… is it just you being lazy or it’s just your fears whispering in your ears?

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I’ve covered this subject a lot, because cutting procrastination out of your thinking and doing will push you further faster than you dared dream. Heck, it’s one of the reasons I started having students use a 40-points (per day) tracking system!

If you can track your activities, you’ll know what you need to stop doing and what you need to be doing more of.

Here… maybe this quick motivational video will help move your past your procrastinating ways and to managing your time better…

Truth is, where there’s chaos there’s cashflow!

If you come up with reasons like you are very busy or you have a busy life or you have kids or you have a job… those are excuses. It’s all just background noise. If you want to do something, you will find time.

So, stop thinking of the chaos as something that is holding you back.

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Hey, it is YOUR life… don’t you think YOU should take control of its path and make decisions that are going to impact you positively?

Here’s a question… if you feel really passionate about something yet don’t do that in your life (and instead keep going to your 9-to-5 job every day that you hate and tell others you hate)… WHY?

If you want a dose of motivation to move into becoming a real estate investor, I happen to have a video (yes, another one) about how to get started that has to do with following your passions. It might not even be real estate. But that’s fine…

Once you decide to follow your passions, you can’t give up; you can’t let your fears stop you. (And that’s really what all your excuses reflect… your fears.)

Of course you could keep putting off and making excuses. That’s totally up to you. But if you want to go up in your life, there’s no better time than RIGHT NOW to change your ways. Your first step is to stop making excuses.

When we’re afraid any excuse will do…

Truth is that you can come up with all sorts of reasons not to change your current reality.

But another truth is that it doesn’t cost much to change your reality. In fact, zero dollars if you really want to make the change. The true cost is your time. (It takes time to learn the steps, but you can get going pretty quickly on your new path – a whole lot faster than the little negative voice in your head wants you to believe.)

There is no reason to delay change even one minute longer. Not with today’s technology that connect you to the education you need and the technology that lets you get the education in the comfort of your own home in your fuzzy slippers and robe if that’s how you roll!

In fact, if you don’t believe me, here’s a FREE learning opportunity right now… this very minute…

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