5 Simple Ways to Stay Motivated as a Real Estate Entrepreneur

Hey, life’s not always gonna be a rose garden… Neither is investing in real estate, but that’s okay. You just have to learn how to keep yourself motivated, no matter what’s happening in your life. Just like in life, your days as a real estate entrepreneur are going to have peaks and valleys.

Say “Thumbs Up” To Seller Financing!!

Ain’t it great? Seller financing that is… Without it where would I be? It was a strategy I learned early on as a real estate entrepreneur; it’s a strategy I continue to use today. But I’m not the only one… and it’s not a new way to participate in deals.

In Your Deals, Win-Win Does NOT Mean Equal

Whenever I teach or present on negotiating deals, I get questions. One is how to make things equal on both sides of the negotiations table… which isn’t going to happen. It’s about being fair and making the deal a win-win for all parties involved. It’s not about being equal. So what do I mean by this statement?

How Can You QUICKLY Know if a Real Estate Market Will Cashflow?

You can’t analyze every deal to the 12th degree… So how do you quickly know if a property is a go or no-go? Since this question comes up so often, I thought I’d do a very short livestream on it. If you missed it, click this video now and give your attention. It takes less than 15 minutes!

Are You Dog-Paddling When You Should Be Doing the Butterfly?

Watching the Olympic swimmers this year got me to thinking… When it comes to getting deals done in real estate, it amazes me to watch how slowly some folks move. It’s kind of like watching someone doggie-paddle their way across the pool or, worse yet, tread water in the middle when they should be swimming a lot faster to get to the wall.