Carefrontation is a something I do from time to time to kick-start people into action. Especially those who tell me they have a lot better way of doing real estate investing when in fact they have never and likely will never do anything as an investor.

So, what is Carefrontation™?

Carefrontation is a something I do from time to time to kick-start people into action. Especially those who tell me they have a lot better way of doing real estate investing when in fact they have never and likely will never do anything as an investor. But, boy, they sure have a lot of ideas (that don’t work).

Typically during a Carefrontation event, I call the individual on their bull and give them a not-so-gentle directive to get them going down the right path. Or to get off of it entirely if they intend to keep making excuses for why do aren’t doing what they tell me they want to do so badly.

That stuff REALLY gets under my skin!

It’s Weak Sauce, man, and I hate it.

You know… like when someone quits the same day or shortly after he signs up to take our real estate investing training.

That is inexplicable to me.

It also hits me hard because I actually, very literally care about giving valuable and usable training to those who say they want it.

When they quit, I’m left scratching my head.

If this is you… if you started our training program and then quit mid-stream… what happened?

  • It didn’t work like magic?
  • Learning didn’t come through osmosis?
  • Simply by signing up you didn’t suddenly become the real estate investor and entrepreneur you saw in your head?

It doesn’t work that way!!!

I talk about this in episode 17 of my podcast. It’s about success and the steps you need to take to get there. Not one time do I say you’ll be an overnight success or that anything is “easy.”


Like everything else in life worth doing, training to become a real estate investor takes time.

Becoming an entrepreneur requires a total mindset shift, especially if you’re an hourly worker or salaried employee.

That’s why we recommend signing up for the annual membership. That way, you’re getting some of the most effective training available today for about $50 a month.

Check it out at

If you can find a better deal AND get the level of support and mentorship you find in the Cashflow Core Membership… jump on it. Please! (And stop coming up with lame excuses.)

At least you’ll be moving forward and not quitting on yourself.

It’s my bet if you quit the training program here, you quit a lot of things. It’s likely that you find a whole bunch of excuses not to go through with new things in your life.

That’s what I touched on in last week’s article.

If you didn’t read it, my first question is why not? It’s free. In fact, it doesn’t cost you anything but a little bit of your time. Even if you click every link in the article, it’s still a very small devotion of your time to learn something new… to add to your understanding of what it is that you keep telling everyone you want to do.

Here… I’ll make it easy…. CLICK THIS LINK. It will take you to the article.

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Look, my team and I work really hard on the articles in my blog because we all want to help you. Inside each piece, I share podcast episodes, other articles and links to resources that are all designed to help you move your needle forward in your pursuits as a real estate investor and entrepreneur.

But maybe last week’s article just wasn’t in your face enough to get my point across. There are reasons people give when they quit their training.

None of them are valid.

For example, I hear, “I don’t have enough time.”


You don’t have enough time to learn something new that will make your life better and give you more ability to give your kids a better life?

What priorities do you have that are above actually being able to put food on the table… or retire comfortably?

When did NOW become so important that you can’t focus on tomorrow and do the things necessary to change your future to be a whole lot better than what it is now?

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Do you actually believe that what you’re doing right now that is going to be there for you and make a great future for you and your family 10, 20, 30 and even 40 years from now?

What lies have you been consuming for so long that allow you to say NO to something that has the power to help you earn millions of dollars?

Give me a break.

Another excuse I hear is that “it’s not for me.”


It’s not for you to what? Change your life’s path?

  • Is being broke for you?
  • Is being homeless for you?
  • Is being hungry for you?
  • Is begging for you?
  • Is depending on the government for you?

Clearly, something is wrong.

If learning new skills that can change your life is just not for you, then what is for you? Staying exactly where you are right now for the next 10, 20, 30+ years?

It’s simply weak to think learning something new is not for you. Or that you don’t have the time.

I talk about this in an older episode of my podcast…


Oh, and then there’s the “I don’t have the money” excuse.


Let’s say you pay for the year-long membership. That boils down to about 50 bucks a month… to gain the skills to change your life and financial health forever.

To afford that might mean you have to give something else up for a year, like a cup of coffee every day or half a burger at lunch or your morning donut. But I’m pretty sure most people can swing the cost of annual membership, especially when they realize they are getting literally thousands of dollars’ worth of education plus unbeatable support and mentorship.

Others have paid several thousands of dollars to learn what is inside the membership.

In fact, I’m giving you uncommon access to education so you can pluck yourself out of your financial mess and give you a kick-butt future.

But you have to change. That takes time.

You got where you are today on the backs of your best decisions.

So how’s that going for you?

To become the person you need to be… to be successful not just in real estate but in any entrepreneurial endeavor… you actually have to put the time in to make the necessary changes.

Again, none of your excuses work for me.

  • No money. Not valid. (A lot of the most successful real estate investors I’ve known including me started with nothing.)
  • No credit. Not valid. (I bet you that your credit score is way better than what mine was when I started learning real estate investing. And I’m not alone. I know lots of successful investors whose credit scores would make you cringe.)
  • No understanding of what you’re doing. So what? (That’s why you are putting in time to gain the education you need to succeed.)
  • No support. Okay… Whatever. In this program you join a network of highly supportive individuals who help you every step of the way. (I’m in that network and, believe it or not, I actually answer questions myself week after week in many forums.)

No one promised you the road would be easy. If it were, everyone would do it all day and night.

That thinking is weak sauce and you gotta put the bottle down!

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Stop thinking you can’t do this thing called real estate investing.

Stop thinking “other people” are entrepreneurs and you just don’t have it in you to become one.

That is bogus talk.

I have people in former Communist countries who take this education and change their lives because they put it use. Rather… they take the TIME to learn what it takes to become the person they want to be as an entrepreneur and real estate investor.

Are they somehow smarter or better than you? Um, no… They put in the work required UNTIL they have hit their first goal and then they keep going.

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If you are reading this and you were born on American soil, guess what? You were born in a country paved with gold… paved with opportunity.

You are an Amer-I-CAN… Not an Amer-I-CAN’T!

Don’t quit on yourself.

You had hope.

You made a decision to take the training.

Then it got challenging and you realized it’s not a magic bullet. It’s not like some of those ads you see online where you can automate real estate transactions.

You have to make time for it.

Let me give you a bit of truth right between the eyes. Everyone who “makes it” and thinks that they are worthy of reaching their goals also stick to their plan and do the upfront work required!

When you quit you are telling yourself and the world that you are NOT worthy of the success you desire.

But here’s the deal… there are no shortcuts.

If you can’t keep going in the face of a few speed bumps and challenges… or when you realize that learning new skills actually takes TIME… again, all I can say it that it’s weak sauce!

The truth is that you can learn a whole lot for absolutely no money if you have the desire and have the ability to take notes… and then put what you learn to use or take the next steps and do a bit of research (also known as making calls and using the Internet).

Don’t believe me?

I have lots and lots and lots of free information with an educational spin that you can access 24/7 for absolutely ZERO DOLLARS. It’s called the Cash Flow Diary podcast and my blog.

cashflow diary podcast

And here’s a news flash… I’m not the only human on the planet who has a really good podcast or blog or free downloadable resources.

If I hear one more person tell me the reason he is quitting is because he doesn’t have the time, that it’s just not for him, he doesn’t have the money or… my personal favorite… he’s just got too much going on right now to learn how to do real estate investing… my head is going to explode.

What he’s really saying is that his pain is just not great enough YET to make any changes in his life.


Literally ALL of the Cashflow Core Members who stuck it out and kept going in the face of challenges in their personal and professional lives have had impressive successes. Even more impressive is that these successes took each and every one of these individuals less than a year to achieve.

Less than a year actually…

Sandra was going through some massive financial challenges when she started the program. She was at risk of losing her family home, duking it out with one of the biggest banks in America, and balancing her duties as head of household and mother of three boys that she raised on her own. With all that chaos and instability, she still found time to start making offers, try her hand at structuring deals, build a team, take a partner in a couple of deals and is now a local expert in group housing and vacation rentals.


You think you have less time than she does?

What about Ray? He came in with little understanding of how to do deals even though he had already gone through some very expensive training prior to finding us. He had a handful of cash flowing rental properties in Wyoming that he had to fund with his own money. No one had taught him how to raise capital for his deals before he took our training.

Then Ray learned through the hands-on approach we offer here. (We expect you to start making offers and doing deals immediately and ask questions. You will get answers every day!)

Long story short, Ray got investors to back him on a profitable duplex in Memphis and then an 8-unit apartment building in the same city. Ray is a really quiet guy. But guess what? He realized he would need to develop his communication skills if he intended to do more transactions and raise more capital. So he’s taking the time to develop those skills. He now leads large Cashflow games and teaches others how to structure deals. You can’t do that and be a wall flower, but even the biggest introverts can develop communication skills necessary to talk to strangers!


Now let’s look at Billy. He’s is in a different country altogether and yet doing deals using what he’s learned as a Cashflow Core Member. He reaches out to other members on our private Facebook page to get conversations started and get questions answered.

Every week I can count on him to join me for my live weekly Q & A with J web show that takes place every Tuesday at 4 p.m., PST. Understand what I just said… that means he is sitting in on the show to learn new things at about 2 a.m. his time.

My point is that Billy makes the time to devote to his education. And it’s paying off big!

Then there’s Sep…


I can’t even count the number of deals Sep has done in the past 6 months alone. While one of the calmest, quietest guys I’ve ever met, he talks to investors every day. I’m not exaggerating. He has lots of deals going on at all times.

Sep quit his full-time job in 2015 after just four months of implementing what he learned with me in a live mastermind and then by following it up by taking our courses. Sep’s amazing… yet he remains the cool, quiet, understated fella he always was.

As a matter of fact, Sep was the first member we wrote about. Go read the three-part article and get back to me on how you can’t learn something new.


Another pretty amazing member here is Tyler.

We did a piece on him, too, because he is constantly moving his needle forward. He doesn’t just rock at doing deals. He has become the local expert in his neck of the woods and beyond.


He started a podcast and gets in front of lots of people every day.

Did he know how to do this a year ago? Um, no. He learned it with a little guidance he found here.

Go here and read the article we did on him so you can see that his wasn’t exactly an easy path either…

Tyler Sheff

Tyler is a Realtor, yet his mindset isn’t that of an agent or Realtor. His is the mindset of a winning entrepreneur and investor. He knew a lot about real estate from an agent’s point of view, but knew there had to be more. He wasn’t afraid to admit that he didn’t already know everything.


Tyler took the time to learn new skills that he uses today. As a result, he now raises private capital, does deals right and left, has more confidence that he can achieve whatever he sets his heart and mind to accomplish, and he is a go-to guy in our network.

And what about Hayya?

There’s a woman who hit the ground running! She was SERIOUS about learning.

Hayya started as a wholesaler like a lot of us do, but in no time she was applying those principles to buy-and-hold strategies and getting rental properties. She checks in from time to time on the private Facebook group to ask questions, because she knows she is still learning. She’s smart. She know she will always be learning. And she’s not afraid to ask questions.

Here’s her story…


Of course, this is just a tiny handful of individuals who each faced different challenges and had fears and had doubts about moving forward. But they kept going anyway.

Today they are all real estate investors… all of them.

My hat is off to these people. I’ve gotten to know them really well and admire them for their accomplishments. Another reason that I respect them is because they didn’t drink the weak sauce.

They could have given up, but they didn’t.

They could have come up with all sorts of excuses, but they didn’t.

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We have so many success stories in our group that it would take a 300-page book just to share all their stories with you. I’ll let them write their own books. Some of them are actually working on that right now. ( Yes, they are becoming educators and writing books. )

Maybe what I can do here to give you a bit more motivation is to let you read my full story.

I wrote a book about it.

I leave nothing out.

It’s not some sort of upsell.

It’s the story of how I went from where you might be right now, doubting myself… afraid to get out of my car, for God’s sake, to attend networking events… and being so used to my introverted ways that I almost let them stop me from moving forward.

My wife was really ill, I quit my job to be by her side, I sold my belongings on eBay to keep us going ( which, BTW, didn’t work very well ), I injured myself so badly that I couldn’t walk or talk at the same time for several weeks, and our family home went into foreclosure.

On top of that, I couldn’t scrape together 75 bucks to take a course and my credit score was in the 300s.

But instead of going back over it in more detail here I’m going to give you a free copy of my book. ( Yes, that means you’re getting education for free that you can actually use if you pay attention to what you read in the book and take notes. )

Then maybe you can toss the weak sauce in the trash and find the strength to get to your goals as the real estate investor and entrepreneur you keep telling people you want to be.

If not, hey, I tried.


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