They asked me to create an event so full of higher-level real estate investment training that it would fill in any blanks attendees might have. I knew I couldn’t deliver what they needed as an online offering this time.

It started as an idea…

People have been asking me to do an event like no other.

They asked me to create an event so full of higher-level real estate investment training that it would fill in any blanks attendees might have.

I knew I couldn’t deliver what they needed as an online offering this time. Participants needed real, hands-on guidance and in-person access to me.

So… I got to thinking and planning (with the help of my beautiful, smart wife Popi and my clever, very talented assistant Andree).

Thus, my first-ever live, in-person Investor Round Table began to form.

I’m happy to say that the event went really, really well. Fifteen “knights” were in attendance, as well as two who viewed through live streaming from other countries. Here’s a great group photo of all of us at the end of day two…

Group Front

If you are a Cashflow Core Member, you’ll recognize these good people from our private Facebook page. Maybe you’ve communicated with them there. (If you’re not a member yet, you should be.)

That’s the really cool thing about this event.

It gave me tremendous satisfaction to see students’ eyes light up when they’d meet each other in the flesh for the first time. They’d been talking to each other by phone, email and Facebook, but now they were in a room together.

Let’s just say, I’m pretty sure some deals are being done right now as a result. (It’s amazing what can be accomplished when you put a group of likeminded people in the same room!)

I was fortunate to get my company’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to join us to do a presentation. Her name is Jennifer Garcia and she is one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met when it comes to wealth management and all the planning it takes to get us to our goals.

That’s what she does for me and my company.

Here is a picture of Jennifer at front of the room…

round table jennifer

Jennifer educated the group on the differences between hiring a bookkeeper, an accountant and a CFO. She explained the roles of these professionals and helped my “knights” understand why when we are building a business it’s not enough to just have a bookkeeper.

Jennifer said something interesting that caught everyone’s attention. She said, “Anyone can be a bookkeeper, but it takes special skills to be an accountant or CFO.”

That’s right!

Just because someone is good at math and can balance a checkbook doesn’t mean that same individual will make a good accountant. Further, someone who is a good accountant may not make a good CFO.

What we in the Investor Round Table room learned is that it takes a unique mix of business experience and the ability to make decisions not just based on numbers but rather several criteria that makes a great CFO.

In Jennifer’s case, she has all the right knowledge and experience to be a top CFO. She came from the corporate world where she served Fortune 100 companies. I found her at just the right time.

Jennifer and I shared with the group the story of how we met, how she straightened my mess out and why we continue working together… and how we make decisions for the company together.

Wealth is truly a team sport.

I couldn’t do all that I do without Jennifer. That goes for the rest of my team, too. Together we are strong; individually it would take a whole lot longer to get things done. Likely we couldn’t get much done if we didn’t function as a team.

I talk about this in one of my earliest podcast episodes. In fact, it was my third! Give it a listen. Here’s the link…


I covered a lot of ground during the two-day Investor Round Table.

Teamwork was just one of the topics. Some of my team members were in the room, and they gave their input from time to time. They shared a little about what they do on the team; I shared why their roles are critical to our company’s overall success.

As questions from the table kept flowing I was able to give guidance on all sorts of practices and tactics in real estate investing.

We did real-time searches; I shared ways I find deals, research them and fund them.

I lead the group in a variety of mind-expanding exercises that helped them understand why prioritizing everything we do, who we are and what we want to have is so important to our overall success as entrepreneurs. Let’s just call this the “Do, Be, Have” exercise.

Attendees got to have some fun with numbers and spend money any way they wanted. We started with a penny. (What would you buy with a penny today?)


One thing I watched from the front of the room was how the group kept up with their new Cash Flow Diary (vision book) creation.

I gave each “knight” an empty book. Then everyone tossed the magazines they’d been asked to bring onto the middle of the table. I brought hundreds of magazines on everything from visiting the ancient places of the world to those filled with images of today’s top cars, jewelry and aircraft, so I tossed lots of magazines onto the table, too.

It was important for me to make sure I had something for everyone, because I asked the group to cut out pictures and words that support their visions. That was after I had lead them in other exercises.

By the end of the two days, all of the participants had fat new Cash Flow Diaries!

  • They also had amazing clarity in their goals and why they were doing this thing called real estate investing.
  • They knew how to structure deals.
  • They knew the math behind the decision-making they’d have to do.
  • They knew where to find the bits of information they can now use to determine costs.
  • They even know where to look for tax deeds and the difference between the deeds, certificates and liens!

That last one wasn’t planned, but someone in the group wanted to know, so I took them there. We discussed the pros and cons of this type of investment.

tax deed & Liens

While I went by a syllabus and we had an agenda for the two-day event, it was great to be able to wander off script to answer the questions the “knights” came to learn.

As I watched lightbulbs go off over people’s heads, I felt a tremendous sense of satisfaction.

From giving the group the exact wording to use to strengthen their promissory notes to sharing sites I personally use to strengthen my company’s systems and processes to an in-depth journey into the Investor Identity Interview, I was able to help a whole lotta people during the event.

I went over in great depth how to use my Profit Analysis Quadrant™ specifically to fit the types of deals and issues the group had going on at the time, too.


I cannot stress the benefits of using this simple tool to get investors to let you use their cash and credit in your deals!

And at the end I asked the group what were stand-out moments from the event that made them happy they attended.

Aside from how blown away everyone was by the absolutely awesome breakfasts, lunches and the first-night’s dinner at The Winery in Newport Beach, attendees has lots of different AHA! moments.

What was one of the top-top-top moments?

The real-time “hot seat” exercise where I brought individuals to the front of the room to help them with their specific challenges was one of the top stand-outs.

Something everyone seemed to get a lot out of was the exercise involving the creation of a week-long calendar. I shared with them my “secret” to success in immediately booking meetings with attendees of my Cashflow games.

You should have heard the groans, the ohs and ahs! (And the comments.)

Lightbulbs could be heard clicking on all across the room. “AHA! So THAT is how J. does it!!”

Yes, indeed…

I’m pretty sure I was behind the sale of 15 new week-by-week planners at office supply stores across the country and maybe even in Canada (cuz a couple of people had traveled that far to get to the event) after we were done that second day!

There are methods to getting in front of investors… lots and lots of investors. But that doesn’t mean it’s difficult or time-consuming or complicated.

Long story short, this event was a huge success.

My video crew got great testimonials that we’re in the process of editing and adding to the site and sharing through our social media channels.

Plus, very soon, full video of the event will be available for purchase.


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