2013 marked the beginning… That January I decided I wanted to do something to teach my kids what good ’ol Dad did that put a roof over their heads. I wanted to show them how to be real estate investors, so maybe they could do it, too.

2013 marked the beginning…

That January I decided I wanted to do something to teach my kids what good ’ol Dad did that put a roof over their heads. I wanted to show them how to be real estate investors, so maybe they could do it, too.

My legacy plan was set. I would do a podcast and teach my children the steps.

Then I realized maybe a few adults might want to have the same guidance. A light bulb switched on.

Two and a half years later, my Cash Flow Diary podcast has grown to be pretty popular. Its listeners include both new and seasoned real estate investors, young and old, as well as business owners and entrepreneurs across an array of industries.

podcast interview

At first, the show was just me talking about my journey, the steps I took to get my mind around what I needed to do and how I needed to think to be successful as a real estate investor, business owner and eventual educator.

It wasn’t long before I got the hang of being a host, adding in bumpers, delivering messages along with my episodes and then figuring out that I needed to interview guests to spice it up a bit.

Fortunately, my team helped and I am able to bring on top-notch guests who come from divergent fields of expertise!

Our first really well known guest was Tom Ziglar, the proud son of none other than Zig Ziglar! I was blown away. He was just a regular guy, and I got to talk to him! Did you catch that episode? Here it is for you so you don’t have to search…


That interview went so well that cosmic dominoes began to fall.

I have interviewed some of the biggest names in business, leadership, entrepreneurial training, retail and, of course, real estate investing.

Greg S. Reid, John Assaraf, Mark Kohler and other Rich Dad Advisors, founders of some of the most-loved retail brands in the world and lots of other impressive go-getters are part of the line-up. I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t get just a little nervous before some of these interviews.

But, man, I have fun!

Many of my guests also have their own podcasts. I’ve been fortunate to be a guest on some of them.

That got us to thinking…

What are other podcasts we might recommend to you that would help you grow your business?

So… Jacob (the man with a plan behind the scenes here at Cash Flow Diary) asked Cashflow Core Members for a short list of their favorites. Boy, did he get a response! (Still is.)

Topping the must-listen list is the Real Estate Guys podcast! (I love these guys.)

real estate guys podcast

Next up by popular vote is the Bigger Pockets podcast


The Entrepreneur On Fire with John Dumas got a lot of votes. I like that one a lot myself. I was interviewed recently on that one, in fact, and it was AWESOME!!


As you might guess, another popular choice among our members is the Rich Dad Radio show. That’s a good one and I listen to it myself. Dare I say that Robert Kiyosaki and all he’s achieved has been a major inspiration to me?

I’ve been interviewed on Rich Dad Radio, which came as a result of my interactions with Mr. Kiyosaki during various events.

All I can say is that I’m sure glad I put myself out there and offered to run big Cashflow games onboard ship during out-to-sea events! That act alone expanded my network and reach.


My friend Simon Black’s Sovereign Man gets big props from members (and me), too.

Simon’s been my guest a couple of times, and because I recently returned from Lithuania where I was participating in one of his annual young entrepreneur camps, he’s topmost on my mind.

If you haven’t given his show a listen, I strongly suggest you do…

sovereign man podcast

Mark Kohler’s podcast also received several votes, because Mark is really knowledgeable when it comes to tax and finance issues.

I’ve learned a lot from Mark over the years and use his services myself. Let’s just say that I highly and frequently recommend him.

mark kohler podcast

I could go on and on with this list, because there are so many fabulous podcasts out there that this would become a book vs. a blog article.

As an entrepreneur, you need to get in the habit of listening to at least a handful of them every week.

While I always want you to listen to my twice-weekly podcast, I also want you to branch out. Need a short list? Okay…

Along with those listed already, consider these:

The point is that to educate is to dominate your market.

What better way to feed your mind the things you need to know to reach that education goal than by listening to podcasts?

It’s a free form of education and if you’re not taking advantage of the hosts’ and their guests’ expertise, you’re making a mistake!

Now, get out there and learn something new… every day.


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