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Understanding A Real Estate Business Model To Develop Your Own Real Estate Business Ideas

Now, you may be new to real estate. So you’ll need a little bit of context to understand what on earth I am building in my own little empire. 

As a real estate investor, you essentially have three different customers:

  1. People who buy the houses from you
  2. People who you buy the houses from (known as the sellers)
  3. People who are contributing capital (otherwise known as investors)

You want to be able to have a system where there's a place for everyone to come to see your expertise on display. After they get an opportunity to watch you do your thing, then you want to take the time to follow up with them, one-on-one. 

Once you follow up with them, you want to answer their questions and then give them the opportunity to enroll. 

Now, many people stop right there… and that is a major mistake. 

Because many people forget the number one most important thing to do: get the referral. 

What you may not realize at this particular moment is that this is your entire business model and funnel in order to make it work. 

If you make relationships, funnel them into the right categories and continue to get the proper referrals to new customers, you can see how going through this process will continually feed you more and more leads without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars on marketing.  

Building your business from scratch can be very hard, but the challenge to find the right model is a good one. Your model should focus on serving the right people, and then continuing to build the relationships in order to get personal referrals. 

If you can do that, then you can be on your way to building your real estate empire like I am. 

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