Hey, the moon is real estate. Doesn't that mean we can buy property on the moon? Sure!

Hey, the moon is real estate. Doesn't that mean we can buy property on the moon? Sure! And there are plenty of people doing it. Do a Google search. You'll see it's true. But why shoot for the moon when you should be searching for properties here on earth?

That's what is discussed in this video! Learn some ways that top investor J. Massey researches properties and how he determines his interest. Here's a hint: he looks for problems! But how does he figure out problems when no one is going to publicly proclaim them?

J. talks about deferred maintenance, vacancies and other problems that you as a real estate investor can solve!

Video Transcript

Hi, Jay Massey here, with the CashFlowDiary.com with another quick tip about real estate and business.
Today, we’re going to talk about structures on the moon and if can buy them.

Maybe you probably guessed and figured out already that it’s well kind of hard to buy real estate on the moon. But here's the idea if it's real estate why not. It can't be that bad.

I did Google search here, and as you can see clearly lots of people are looking for structures on the moon or at list verification that there’re there, and there’re videos and all kind of things.

But the question really is:

• Jay, how do you find the deal?
• How do you t find properties?

And it’s in the question in enough itself that I find that most people make that mistake.

There looking for properties. people right here her looking for structures on the moon.

And what you should be looking for are problems not necessarily properties.

let me show you what I mean.

when I go I and I'll just use one at are one particular website that I've used before to find properties per se in go to this particular asset are website bid for assets eccentric and they've got listen listen all kinds of properties if you will;

That you have the ability to purchase. and you can purchase straight from here and be able to find properties. Now here's the question now?

When you see a property like this and it says great for that we have an investor. what does that say to you to me it says that there was a problem now there was a problem long before it got to this particular website.

The difference is that no one told the seller or met the person who own or used to own this property before he got into the condition that it’s in. now here's the thing are there indications that you and i can use to find problems. well of course.

If you have ever driven a neighborhood you can see problems all the time. Problems come in various forms and one of those major problems is actually vacancy. So here's an idea. I learned this provincial when one of our own local real estate group and I find it very interesting.

What if you drove around the neighborhood on trash day?

And you see the trash cans that stay out in front of the houses. It typically means if they didn't pull it back or if they didn't put it out and it has it been out week in and week out even the long tray is probably empty.

Does that make sense?

You drive around on trash day and there's no movement there's no activity. That’s a clue.
Vacancy is something that you and I can recognize, so you still have the overgrown grass, you still have the damage, and maybe windows, you've got the stickers. Or here's another way of looking at it.

What about piles of mail? That’s also another way to identify some vacancy.

Sometimes, even especially when you begin to see deferred maintenance i.e. room sloping you begin to see at the end of the day – problems.

You and I, we don't really need to find more properties. Properties are everywhere. You can find lists of properties everywhere on the planet. What you and I must do is that we have to go out there and instead looking for structures on the moon we've got to go out there and solve some more problems.

And that at the end of the day, that’s what real estate entrepreneurs do.

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Until it next time.

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