Creative Real Estate Financing

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You have heard terms like Lease Options, Contract For Deed, Syndication, and Purchase Money Mortgage. These are all tools that are available to you and myself to finance the purchase. Each one has their own pluses and minuses, strengths and weaknesses. Watch this video to see the key principle of this video.

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Video Transcript

J. Massey here, with; and in this video, I’m going to explain to you creative real estate financing in two minutes or less.

Okay, you’ve been around for a little while and you’ve heard many terms when it comes to financing your real estate.

You’ve heard terms like “lease option”; you’ve also heard terms like a “contract for deed” or “agreement for deed”; you’ve also heard terms possibly like “syndication” or where people tend to pool their money.
Oh, and you probably have even heard things like a “purchase money”, “mortgage”.

Now these are all instruments, and some could say instruments of mass financial destruction if you don’t know what you’re doing. But the point is that there are many different tools that are available to you and me to finance the purchase. Each one of them has their own pluses and minuses weaknesses, and strengths that you and I have to understand as the operators, of the building or as the seller’s so that we understand exactly how it works.

The key principle to get is that you’re going to come up with a way to and this is the keyword “defer payments”. That’s what this is about it’s about “deferring the payment”.

You don’t have all the cash right now and you trying to figure out a creative way to defer the payment, with title transfer. These are the things that you’re really negotiating because you’re like “I want the Title but I can’t have it all right now”. So here’s what I can have today, and we’re going to do it under these structures, to make sure that you’re protected Mr. Seller, that I’m protected, Mr. Bayer, everybody gets what they want just not as quickly, simply because we don’t have a hundred percent of the capital we don’t want to go to a bank and get that traditional loan. We want to do something other than getting a 1003 and a Fico score and all those other things that are typically required.

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