economics supply and demand

Economics: Supply and Demand

Economics, real estate and business investing are all interdependent. Believe it or not, you are involved in real estate and business investments daily..

Our homes, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, workplace, gyms and churches commissions us to participate in the real estate cycle.

Video Transcript

Hi, Jay Massey, with the, with yet another quick tip about business and real estate.

Some of you, when you were in college or high school, you probably took a class called economics.

Here's a quick question. Did your economics professor or instructor own a business?

Probably not. Anyway, it doesn't matter. I was just wondering; things I think about, how who we learn from, it's very, very important, and that's why I continually make the promise that, when I stop doing real estate deals, that's when I'll stop also teaching about what it is to do, how to think, and how to make business happen.

When I stop teaching, you know I am done doing real estate deals; simple as that.

Anyway, in the meantime, here's what I mean about economics; something to think about: Supply and demand; one of the reasons that I absolutely like business, as well as real estate in this particular case.

Real estate is awesome, because maybe you've noticed, but there's not a whole lot of new land being built; it's just not happening. When a volcano erupts, yes, there's new land technically happening.
Sometimes, there's manmade land.

All that other stuff, that's great, but they're not building it fast enough. You may have also noticed that making people is a lot of fun and more importantly people are doing it all the time. There are way more people being made than land.

Guess what, real estate is a business where you supply land for use for peoples' work, play, and some place to stay. That's the fun part about real estate, is that you get to participate in everyone's life.

Many times you hear people say, “I've never been involved in real estate.” I'm like, “Really? How's that possible? You've been around; you live somewhere, you work somewhere, you play somewhere. Wherever those places are, you were involved in real estate.” You say, “I just lived in an apartment.”

Guess what, you were participating in the cycle whether you realized it or not. That's one of the great things about it; most of the time it's not optional. It's one of those things like food, clothing and shelter; it's the shelter thing.

Here's a great idea; it's a little morbid, but walk with me for a second. Do you realize that even after you're no longer here, you still need real estate? Did you get that? Most of us are going to be buried somewhere and you need a piece of real estate with which to do that with. I find that very interesting, that real estate has so many functions and applications to our entire life that we always need a place to do it.

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