Both inflation and economics are really big topics that can take hours upon hours to explain fully.

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Both inflation and economics are really big topics that can take hours upon hours to explain fully. However, inflation boils down to supply and demand, and the value we as a society place on something that drives the economy. For example, the dollar bill… or an iPad.

And iPad has a value, but that piece of technology is not a true asset. It won’t hold the value over time that we place on it today. True assets hold their value or appreciate in value over time.

Only those who control assets that have utility value win at the game of economics, especially during times of inflation. Real estate is that type of asset. Even if the dollar collapses, your property will retain a utility value. You can trade it for other things. For example, you can “rent” a property out to someone who has something of equal utility value to trade you.

You just need to learn how to attain those assets. If you don’t have cash or credit, you can still do just fine. There are 10 words you need to learn to use consistently that opens doors.

Video Transcript

Jay Massey here, with the CashFlowDiary.com and in this video we're going to talk about some the economics behind inflation in two minutes or less.

Well if you already know anything about economic and/or inflation you already know that doing this in two minutes or less is going to be a challenge. Either one of those topics can take up well decades to just unpack and uncover to be able to come masters in that in anytime.

Here’s The End All Be All it’s always about supply and demand understanding what has quote-unquote real value. Not everything has real value.

For example sometimes we put a lot of value in a certificate or piece of paper we call it a degree and therefore we say it has value.

Now I'm not saying there is that value to an education. I'm not saying there is not value and knowledge. I’m saying that simple piece of paper may not be quote unquote worth the paper it's printed on if you get my meaning.

Inflation in economics and understanding those things especially as it relates to real estate are hyper importan.t

Simply because win you’re in an inflationary economy what you have is more dollars chasing the exact same number of assets.

And only he or she who controls the assets that have utility value win. If you only control an asset but it doesn't have utility value you lose.

So right now may be on your balance sheet you have a lot of the paper asset called currency or money. The challenges in it inflationary economy it uses and loses its utility value completely and only because valuable as a source of he.

However inflationary coming real estate becomes more valuable because more people still need a place to live work play or lay and that never changes which is great. The key thing is how you find the money for them and more importantly how to get him under contract so you get more of them.

Thanks for watching.

To begin to protect yourself against the evils of inflation and to get started in real estate investing today here's what I want you to do. Click the link right here. It's going to take you to a page where I'm going to teach you the most 10 basic words that you can use right now to begin to build your businesses by finding all of the buyers, sellers, as well as investors you need in your marketplace.

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Until next time.

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