Financial Independence And What It Means To Retire Early

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What is financial independence or true financial freedom? It means you possess the skills to run an entire business cycle, from concept to cash… from idea to implementation.

It means you own and control the means of production. You know how to get out there and do what it takes to create value for other people with your products and services, so you can create the lifestyle and means you desire for you and your family. You can generate the income through your assets.

Getting to financial independence can happen faster than you ever thought possible. In real estate you can get there even faster. You just need two things: 1) Legal right to own property, and 2) People to do business with. The rest is a matter of translation. And you can do deals literally all over the world!

How to reach financial freedom is what investor J. Massey talks about In this short but incredibly informative video.

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Video Transcript

Jay Massey here, with the and in this video we’re going to talk about financial independence and what it means to retire early in two minutes or less.

Well when you think about the concept financial independent or the more generic term financial freedom what on earth that really mean anyway. Well for me it means very simply that I own in control the means of production.

I know how to go out there I personally possess the skill sets necessary to run an entire business cycle from concept to cash. to be able to go from idea to implementation in actually create value for other people no matter the circumstances and be able to receive that value to pay for the things that my family and I might need.

Financial independence can occur much sooner than it used to because we remain the haulage agent one of the things we’re all seeking is knowledge.

One of the major reasons that I love real estate investing is simply because you can become financially independent very, very quickly because you only need two things. Two things to make that work and we’ll get to those two things in a moment. But what I want you to imagine, is just imagine the fact that you could go anywhere on the planet Earth if you had the ability to generate an income.

Well getting to those two things simple:

• The first thing that you must have especially when it comes to real estate is the legal right to own property — Legal right to own a property.

• The second thing is you got to have people to do business with. Once you have these two things together, the legal right to own property and people to do business with, everything else is just a matter of translation.

So regardless what country, city or jurisdiction you want to practice your real estate in, figure out a way to own the property for the people to deal with, go out there and create some serious value to retire early.

Thanks for watching.

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