In this super-short video I talk about the importance of defining what success means to you and the steps you’ll take to attain it.

In this super-short video I talk about the importance of defining what success means to you and the steps you’ll take to attain it. I also talk about the “little wins” we have to give ourselves credit for along the way to keep us motivated and excited about what we are doing in business and in life!

When I was first getting started in real estate investing I had a lot of challenges to overcome in my personal life. To become successful I had to define the heck out of what success looked like to me. With that I could get out there and take action steps to actually become successful. That’s what you need to do, too. Define, take action, take more action, and then attain your first goal. Then your second, third, fourth, and so on.

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Video Transcript

Jay Massey here, with the CashFlowDiary.com and in this video and in this video I'm going to explain to you have to be successful in life in two minutes or less.

So when it comes to being successful in life one of the most important things that we must learn to do is actually define what success is.

So what does that mean?

First we have to come up with a definition that is and use here’s the keyword attainable.

We have to have something that is attainable. The cool thing about success is that we get to choose how to play the game and defying the rules to make it easy for us to win.

All of us want to win. I like winning, you like winning; that's why you're watching videos. You’re learning and the point is we can make success easy.

Let me give you an example.

When I was first getting started in business my wife was in a situation where she couldn't either drinking; I was unable to walk and talk because of punctured lung etc.

That made me being successful by someone else's definition very very difficult. So there were times where I said, “I am successful today because I woke up.” “I am successful today because I was able to brush my teeth.”

“I am successful today because I made one phone call that got one new contact.” You go through this entire system of increasing what it means to be successful. But you do it by understanding the concept of little wins.

You take these little wins along the way throughout your day in at the end you wind up feeling successful. Your brain you don't know the difference between the little win in the big win they both can feel the same and the keyword that you're trying to create through all of this is that positive momentum

With positive momentum in once you've got the most so to speak, once you've got the most you cannot go wrong and it's one of the things it is absolutely necessary to be successful.

Thanks for watching.

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