How To Become Wealthy In Business

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When I got started in business there was something that I was taught that told me to look for problems I could solve through what I was doing, which was real estate investing. But this stands true for any business. Becoming wealthy in your business requires you to learn to solve problems. The bigger the problem the bigger solutions you can provide.

Think about a lemonade stand. It solves a problem. Kids make the lemonade to solve the thirst of passersby. Now what if you ramp that up and you want to serve a million gallons of lemonade every weekend? You’d have to scale the business up. That’s what I did in my real estate business. I developed the systems I needed to solve bigger and bigger problems, and then the systems that allowed me to hirepeople onto my team so I could serve even more people!

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Video Transcript

Hi, Jay Massey here, with the and in this video we are going to talk about how to become wealthy in business, in two minutes or less.

When I was getting started in business there was a simple phrase that I was taught that told me if I could do this I could be successful. I was taught to look for problems and specifically I was taught the bigger the problem the bigger the solution; the bigger the solution the bigger the potential for profit.

But I knew that I needed to find problems. So you’re going to become wealthy in business by solving a problem and providing a larger solution.

So I’m going to take something that’s very, very common to most of us what about a simple lemonade stand on the corner. You’re like “Jay, that’s not the size business I was talking about.”

You are correct.

However it solves a problem for a small number of people who happened to pass by that corner. But once I say instead of a lemonade stand once I asked you the question:

How could we serve a million gallons of lemonade every weekend?

Suddenly even, though I’m still talking about lemonade stands. I have to use a different scale a different amount of systems and all bunches more lemons hoarded to get this business off the ground and to make it work.

The only difference between the two ideas was the scale of the size of the problem being thirsty that I will solve for a greater number of people.

And once you begin to put the scale and decide to solve problems for more people becoming wealthy is just a matter of time, understanding systems developing the techniques necessary to recruit the individuals who can help you execute your idea.

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