How To Get Started In Real Estate and Business

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Purchasing a property can lead your real estate career to a dead end if you haven’t carefully considered your purpose for the purchase.

Learn why incorporating a mission ensures success in real estate and business investing.

Video Transcript

Hi, Jay Massey here with the, with another quick tip about real estate and business.

Today we’re just going to talk about how to get started in real estate business. So you stayed up late at night. You’re probably watching this YouTube video way late at night but — and you’re wondering, “How can I get started in business?

I got a great idea,” or “I know people make money in real estate and I’d love to be able to participate as well, what can I do?”

I think the most important thing to do, even though you’re looking to earn money, is to make sure that you do something that you know — that’s right, something that you know that you love, something that you know that you’re going to enjoy, something that you would do for free.

If you’re looking for great business ideas, start with something you already do for free. In fact you may want to look at your library, inside your library is a hint of the things that you’re interested in, maybe you see a whole bunch of sales books, maybe you see a whole bunch of art or photography books or — or maybe you see a whole bunch of gardening books or maybe there’s architecture, travel, whatever it is, food.

Those are the things that tend to help people succeed because when it comes to business, when it comes to real estate, there are going to be days where you go up, there are going to be days where you down and you’ve got to have something that you enjoy besides just the result of earning money and creating value in the market place, that keeps you excited in every day that you’re out there, still excited about what it is that you’re doing, simply because you get the privilege of doing it, is another day that you have the ability to go out there and create value for people.

One of the recent examples that I have of this is when I was looking for some child care for my own children and what’s unique is one of the reasons and the main thing that help me to select and help my wife and I to select the person that we wanted to actually take care of our children was just hearing her passion for all the ways that she can care for the children at her facility and how — how long she’s been doing it, how much she loves it and — and even though that there were days that one of the kids were – well you know, kids and it didn’t sound like a lot of fun, she didn’t care.

It didn’t matter. It was such a passion. It almost came off as a mission.

So if you’re looking for that idea of how to get started and what to get started with, think about those things that you’re passionate about. Think about those things that feel like a mission. Think about those things that you are always talking about and your friends come to you for — when it comes to advice and things of that nature.

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