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How To Invest In Real Estate For Beginners

As a beginner you have more to learn. That’s the only difference between you and more seasoned investors. That also means you aren’t going to do things right the first time. You’re going to have to be okay with failing, and not just that but failing frequently and failing forward.

Developing your skills in anything means you have to move through the four levels of learning. That’s what investor J. Massey talks about in this very short video.

He discusses how you don’t know what you don’t know. That’s called being unconsciously incompetent. As you move through your learning curve, you will next become consciously incompetent, then consciously competent and finally unconsciously competent, just like when you’re driving a car or tying your shoes!

Practice, drilling and rehearsal is how you get better in your skills.

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Video Transcript

Hi, Jay Massey here, with the and in this video I'm going to going to explain how to begin investing in real estate, even if and especially if you're a beginner.

So starting anything new can be a little daunting and I totally get it.

We all start stuff new.

But here's the point. When you're a beginner it just means you're least experienced. that means you have more things to discover then you have more actually results to achieve.

And that's completely okay. However whether it's real estate investing whether it's jumping out of a plane whether it's walking, talking, you must go through the exact same process, every time.

Now I’m about to say a few words that you're probably not going to like. What does that mean?

That means, in order to make this real estate thing work for you, you're going to have to learn how to fail fast, fail forward and fail frequently, and I just said failed three times in a row but here's the process that your brain must go through.

It’s what is called the four levels of learning and I'm abbreviating there just for you.

• Because at the beginning right now you don't know what you don't know and we call that unconscious incompetence. (UN IN)
• And then later and like what's happening for you as you watch this video you're becoming consciously incompetent. (CON IN)
• You’re becoming aware that you might not know a whole lot. And then eventually you have to become consciously competent (CON CON) this is now where you know what to do but you got to think about it and then you want to become unconsciously competent (UN CON) in a variety of different ways.

What does that mean?

You are currently unconsciously competent because I asked you your name. You don't have to think about it you know how to tie your shoe and you may even know how to drive a car especially if it's manual transmission.

All of these things are a process, and you have to do one thing. We always take our book knowledge and compare it with experiential knowledge i.e. practice, drilling, and rehearsing things like writing offers talking to people and being a general good person to talk to and do business with is how we get started.

Thanks for watching.

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Until next time.

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