how to make money in real estate

How to Make Money in Real Estate in the New Economy

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Since the financial crisis, you’ll hear that it’s hard to make money in real estate. In this video, investor J. Massey explains why this is funny, because it’s the only type of economy he has ever experienced as an investor.

He had no money, no credit and no knowledge when he became a real estate investor. He and his wife were both ill and couldn’t do much outside of using their time to learn new skills. In very short time, J. learned how to wholesale houses and then grew his skills. He learned that providing value is how to get ahead in this economic crisis and any economy.

Providing food, energy, clothing and housing are great ways to do that. Once you learn to provide value and learn to exchange value for value, you can do well as a real estate investor, whether you have a dime of your own cash or credit or not.

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Video Transcript

Jay Massey here, with the and in this video I'm going to explain how to make money in real estate in the new economy in two minutes or less.

Now you probably have noticed that since the financial crisis, making money in real estate has changed a lot. Interestingly enough for me is the only economy that I’ve known.

In 2008 and during that time just before then my wife and I were squatting in a bank owned property.

We were unable for medical reasons to do something as simple as eat or drink or walking talking.The only thing we knew how to do was use our time our talents or skills and gain more of those to create new value in the marketplace. And one of the secrets to earning money in the new economy is providing value.

For us, one of the great things that we like to do is to provide value for other people typically known as investors.

You can sell them properly you can help them by putting their cash together to go out there and build bigger and greater properties. And one unnecessary thing for life is food clothing and yes right you guessed it shelter.

At the in the day the new economy is about understanding new ways to create value that is well beyond just the US dollar, and any currency that you're currently constrained by.

Remove those constraints and learn to exchange value for value, you can make money in real estate in the new economy.

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