There are lots of ways to raise private capital. Robert Kiyosaki says he always looks at the management of a company before he will invest. He’s right.

There are lots of ways to raise private capital. There are multiple sources, like “angels.” There are also large institutional investors. Robert Kiyosaki says he always looks at the management of a company before he will invest. He’s right.

If you want to reach large institutional investors, you need to prove that you’re the person they will want to work with. You have to show them you know what you’re doing. You have to learn the right skills first.

You need to make it easy for these investors to understand who is on your team, who is at the helm of the ship, and that you understand all areas of your business and operations. You have to make it attractive to high net worth individuals to work with you. That’s what investor J. Massey talks about in this short video, as well as the importance of understanding non-recourse lending, a very powerful tool when you are investing in real estate.

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Video Transcript

Jay Massey here, with the CashFlowDiary.com and in this video and in this video going to describe to you how to raise capital Robert Kiyosaki style, in two minutes or less.

Now I have had the privilege of hanging out with Mr. Kiyosaki on a number of occasions and what's interesting to understand is when it comes to raising private capital there are multiple different sources of capital.

Many of us are familiar with terms like angel investors and hard money lenders and you can look for some of our other videos on those types of things.

But many of us would love to become more familiar with the institutional investors that are out there that have millions upon millions upon millions of dollars that have the ability to contribute to very very large deals be that a 200 unit and golf course or whatever your mind can possibly conceive.

• At the end of the day, it always comes down to understanding who's the team?
• Who’s on the board that’s on the ship directing this capital?
• And you know what ends up happening?

You've got to have the correct kind of experience history that's attractive to the individuals who are in control of those millions of dollars.

When you have that kind of experience history you can go in with your resume and get what is known as things like non-recourse financing that allow you to go there and buy very large assets with quote unquote very little of your own personal assets at risk.

To very high-level strategy and it's definitely something I would recommend all of us if you can do and pursue that non-recourse lending, because when you can get it, it becomes a very freeing situation that allows you to go large with very little worries of what happened in the economy.

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