Like money? Want more of it… enough to retire as a millionaire? Do these four things.

Like money? Want more of it… enough to retire as a millionaire? Do these four things. Learn how to: 1) Think like a millionaire, asking “How much can it make,” and “HOW can I afford” vs. “I can’t afford…” 2) Buy properties and assets, 3) Own properties and assets, and how to protect them, and 4) Become an EXCELLENT receiver!

It’s funny, but it can be hard to accept even the smallest of gifts… like a compliment. Start there and move up.

Video Transcript

Hi, Jay Massey here, with the and in this video I'm going to explain “How you can retire a millionaire?” in two minutes or less.

So, you're wondering “How on earth can I become a millionaire?” What can you do to make that happen?

Well, there's no person better in my opinion then Gary Keller, because he simply put together a process.
He said “You need to do these four things in this order and you have the ability to make it work” the first thing you must do is to learn to think. You're like “Man I've been driving next to people who I wish learned how to think” and that's exactly what we're talking about.

You got to learn – “How to think like a millionaire?”

What does that mean?

Instead of asking “How much do something cost?”. Think about, “How much can it make ?” Instead of saying things like “I cannot afford to.” “What is it going to take to make XY and z happen?” need to become your thought patterns.

After that, it becomes “buy”. You got to become a buyer, of a million dollars’ worth of something preferably real estate as an asset. And then you must learn “How to own a million dollars as equity in protected?” because it's one thing to buy a million dollars a real estate, especially if you're in California that could be a simple single family house; it's another to protect a million dollars’ worth an equity as in you held something long enough so that the value that is due to you, not the bank value, not the loan on it is a million dollars a more.

And then, we also have to learn “How to become excellent receivers?” See, I’ve become a master receiver, ‘cus it’s ridiculous how it just difficult can be, give something as simple as a compliment.

These are all skills that are required and for you to become that millionaire. Yet to go out there and create and provide more value to more people in different ways by thinking, buying, owning, and learning how to receive.

Thanks for watching.

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Until next time.

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